HEADLINE – Japan scientist synthesizes meat from human feces

TOKYO – Mitsuyuki Ikeda, a researcher from the Okayama Laboratory, has developed steaks based on proteins from human excrement. 

“The process is very complex and expensive,” Ikeda explained. “The result is definitely edible. The problem is that it tastes like shit.”

“That tsunami really messed those people up,” said Evan Boylan, a student at Illinois State University, upon learned of the Japanese excrement-to-meat scientific breakthrough.

“That’s worse than f**king Soylent Green,” Boylan added.

SOURCE: http://japanesescientistscreatesmeatoutoffeces-



8 Responses to “HEADLINE – Japan scientist synthesizes meat from human feces”

  1. Congrats Professor Boylan … had visceral reaction upon reading!

    And just to be sure, I’m never buying sushi again. God knows what the fish is made of.


  2. paulboylan Says:

    High praise, my dear. BTW, the photo I’ve included shows the actual scientist with the actual end product of his synthetic process.


  3. ..and I thought ‘shit sandwich’ was a figure of speech.


  4. Flinthart Says:

    Ahhh, come on. You KNOW it’ll be on MacDonald’s “special” menu within six months. If it isn’t already.


  5. paulboylan Says:

    Apparently the feces derived food matrix can be used to synthesize other items. I’ve just learned a Japanese company has plans to manufacture a pho-fungus product tentatively named the “shitake mushroom log” (trademark pending).


  6. I think I’ve eaten hamburgers this guy made, still rather eat them than a McDonald’s hamburger.


  7. Anonymous Says:

    Points to Moko. That’s quality


  8. That was me. As is this


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