It made me laugh






8 Responses to “It made me laugh”

  1. I was expecting to see cute widdle kittens pwaying wif balls of wool and a cute caption underneath.
    This is way funnier than that.


  2. paulboylan Says:

    I am waiting to find out how many of you click on the photo hoping to see what comes out of that pipe. I didn’t do it. I still don’t know what comes out of that pipe, but the caption says that, whatever it is, it will strain my sense of credulity. I’m betting it is Amelia Earhart or a clown. Or one of the lost Monets. Or my high school counselor, Dean Rothy – whom I was told is dead (which was welcomed news), so imagine my surprise if it is Dean Rothy who comes out of that pipe.


  3. I clicked on it and went blind. So I’m thinking its one of those eclipses where if you look at it you go blind.


  4. I clicked on it and knew that right then, you were laughing at me, Prof.

    The only thing coming out of that pipe is an evil, throaty cackle.


  5. paulboylan Says:

    Well, yeah. Isn’t that what this is all about?


  6. FamsRoaks Says:

    I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing.


  7. unapendeadeow Says:

    I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!


  8. oscisming Says:

    You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material


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