HEADLINE – Phone-hacking whistleblower found dead

LONDON (AP) — Police say Sean Hoare, the whistleblower reporter who broke the story about widespread hacking at the News of the World, has been found dead in his London home.

London Police said Hoare’s death at his home is not considered to be suspicious, according to Britain’s Press Association news agency.

“There is nothing at all suspicious about Mr. Horse’s untimely and utterly unexpected death,” said Nigel Dimitri, spokesperson for the London Police. “It is just another of those unfortunate coincidences when a witness to crimes committed by rich and powerful men – crimes that implicate the London Police, by the way – are found dead in their London homes.  This is just another one of those coincidences,” Dimitri said. 

“Horse’s untimely and presumably slow and painful death due to mysterious causes should not be interpreted in any way as a warning to any other witnesses who might be considering informing on Rupert Murdoch, The News of the World, or the London Police,” Dimitri concluded before driving off in an unmarked black sedan.


Britain’s tabloid phone hacking scandal walloped the London police force Monday, as the rapid-fire resignations of two top officers were followed by claims of possible illegal eavesdropping, bribery and collusion. U.K officials immediately vowed to investigate.


Source: http://news.yahoo.com/police-phone-hacking-whistleblower-found-dead-181711003.html

3 Responses to “HEADLINE – Phone-hacking whistleblower found dead”

  1. Not at all dodgy. Not in any way.


  2. Absolutely not. Luckily he left a notarised statement, “I don’t know why I said those things about Andy Coulsen. I must have been mad. It was me. All me, no one else, right from the start. God bless Rupert Murdoch, his heirs and assigns. Long may they reign. And the Met. Fine body of men, our London police.”


  3. bondiboy66 Says:

    How convenient.


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