1. Dirk Flinthart Says:

    John Boehner Phone Home! (Hopefully, someone will turn up and take him back to his home planet of Bastardia…)


  2. This guy is a comedy goldmine. I wish we had someone like that here.

    Oh hang on, we do.


  3. paulboylan Says:

    Yes, you do, my dear. The difference, however, is that the morons playing power politics in your part of the world are doing it in a much smaller playground – and I mean no disrespect by pointing that out. If your right wing loonies make a mistake, the effects aren’t as devastating globally as when our loonies make a mistake.

    Learn from our experience. Save for a rainy day (which always comes) don’t borrow to pay for things you cannot afford, and don’t let stupid people get control of your government.


  4. All jokes aside, Prof, what’s happening to America makes me sad. And I agree that the ramifications of an eff-up in your neck of the woods are of great concern to everyone on a global scale.

    We need to get wise as citizens and start demanding some accountability and foresight from our elected representatives. The people should have the power, not the other way around.


  5. paulboylan Says:

    I am coming to see y’all soon. I always arrange to speak, to give some sort of presentation, wherever I travel. Part of my message when I visit Oz will be a plea for you – the inheritors of the American spirit – will learn from our mistakes and not repeat them.

    And then I plan on getting very, very drunk.

    I expect to eat and drink with you and yours. Do not disappoint me.


    Do you think Bob Ellis will allow me to buy him a beer?


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