MY WIFE’S REVIEW OF Cowboys and Aliens

My wife and I just saw the new movie Cowboys and Aliens. We went despite the fact that it has received poor reviews.

Afterwards, I asked her what she thought of the film, and she said:

“Cowboys. Aliens. Indians. Handsome men. Pretty women. A kid and a dog. Good guys and bad guys teaming up to fight a common enemy. What’s not to like?”

I very much agree.  It isn’t the best film ever made, but it was not a waste of time and/or money.  A lot of fun. My wife and I recommend it.

7 Responses to “MY WIFE’S REVIEW OF Cowboys and Aliens”

  1. See, this is how the professionals should do it. This movie has now been slotted into the list of ones to see. I don’t need to know any more.


  2. paulboylan Says:

    The professionals are clearly idiots. Please remember that no one ever erected a statue memorializing a film critic. Word of mouth has been and will always be the best and most powerful reason to see or not see a film.

    But I have to warn you: as I was leaving the cinema, I overheard a man complain “I thought it was going to be funny.” I can only surmise that he thought he was going to see something like Blazing Saddles.

    Cowboys and Aliens is a straight-up American Western. If you expect anything different you will be disappointed, too.


  3. It has, cowboys. Aliens. Indians. Handsome men. Pretty women. A kid and a dog. Good guys and bad guys teaming up to fight a common enemy, how could I possibly be disappointed?


  4. Good enough for me.

    So no baked beans campfire scene then?


  5. Dirk Flinthart Says:

    Your wife’s list is pretty much what I was hoping for. The trailer I saw at ‘Captain America’ yesterday looked pretty decent. I’ll go.

    BTW: ‘Captain America’ gets much the same kind of review. It’s got Nazi superscience threatening the world. Hugo Weaving being ‘The Red Skull’. A ‘Captain America’ who doesn’t actually feel like a piece of cheesy propaganda (probably because they play that line for both laughs, and a certain pathos). It was fun. I liked it.


  6. I miss Slim Pickens.


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