Back Home Again


Oh, it’s been busy.

First, Los Angeles, where I hosted my wife’s 50th birthday celebration with her closest friends from all over. Good times, good food, good wine.  Met a bunch of punters from Melbourne at the incredible restaurant at the top of hotel we stayed at in Santa – the Huntley House. The. Single. Best. Place. To. Stay. In. Los. Angeles.

I bought them a round of drinks. They seems surprised.

Then, back to Northern California for a day or two, and then off (flying) to Buffalo, New York to surprise my mother-in-law on her 75th birthday. Spicy chicken wings, beef on weck, incredible pizza, char-grilled hot dogs and good local beer.

Then back home for a day or two, and then off (driving) to Bozeman Montana to with a Toyota Sienna full of my son’s stuff. He is renting a house with two very fine midwestern young ladies for his second year in that horrible place.

Helped the kid move in, bought him a bed, a desk and some shelves. Met his room mate’s parents (from Chicago, so they are fine folk). Ate great food (totally unexpectedly amazing). Drank some unbelievably good local beer.

Then off to Walla Walla (midway between Bozeman and Portland, Oregon). Again, great food, great local beer and great local wine. I will go back and spend time there just wandering around. Beautiful little city.

Then off to Portland to spend a few days with my sister, Kelly and my brother-in-law Bill. Bill works for Intel. Kelly is an executive assistance for a Nike executive.  Got a tour of the Nike campus.  I want Nike to run the world. All would be well if Nike ran the world.

Again, great food, great local beer, great local wine  and the company of two intelligent, articulate, funny people.  

Then straight back home. Long drive. We were going to stop in Ashland, but I wanted to get back home.

The whole thing – back and forth/up and down – took about three weeks. 

I’m getting old. I no longer enjoy driving long distances.

Today my wife went back to work for the first time in a month. Tonight I seared two Bison strip steaks (bought a bunch of Bison in Bozeman) and two little Bison fillet rounds. I made a red wine/shallot/garlic/pepper/a pinch of salt/butter reduction. I will serve it up with roasted vegetables and a glass of Four Rivers (a Paso Robles winery) Loco (the red wine I used for the reduction). Organic raspberries and fresh whipped cream for dessert. 

It is good to be home.

Now I need to firm up my trip Down Under.



13 Responses to “Back Home Again”

  1. Good heavens man, so much travelling! I agree, I hate driving long distances these days too. Time was I would do 1100km round trips every other weekend…and now it’s made even worse if my wife (THE world’s worst backseat driver) comes along and I drive. So she drives. Well, she doesn’t – she insists on flying rather than driving. Fair enough too.

    Trip to Oz you say? I’m sure we can lead you astray in most major cities here.


  2. Walla Walla is an Australian sounding place name. Long drives are tiresome unless you have a Samoan attorney.
    You can avoid me by being in sydney between 13 and 31 October when I shall be elsewhere.


  3. And great to hear from you

    “bunch of punters from Melbourne” you know if you give them alcohol you will never get rid of them.


  4. BBoy – Might introduce him to some Lord Nelson brews up in the Orbit lounge during sunset.


  5. Was wondering how you were, Prof – you have been busy. Welcome back to blogland.


  6. Good choice Therbs – or perhaps haunts local to us like the Icebergs or the North Bondi RSL. Especially on a warm sunny afternoon when the scenery on the beach is nice!


  7. Bondi – I am doing my best to be there so I can do exactly that.

    Therbs – well then I have to do what I can to make sure I am in fucking Sydney before you bugger off, eh?

    Barnes – we will communicate soon to solidify arrangements.

    Melbo – have you ever been had in blogland?


  8. Sounds like a nice trip, Paul. So, did you find any dead stalkers in your chimney when you got home?


  9. Yes. One. The stench was terrible and the expense to remove the corpse was unbelievable and not covered by my homeowner’s insurance policy. What is your point in asking?


  10. The Prof in Oz, prepare to be led astray.


  11. Rooty Fkn Hill Fkn RfknSL fkn Club. Fkn be there or we’ll job yez.

    BBoy – yeah, haven’t been to either of those for a while. Do the ratsackers till get into the NB RSL? If they do, you need to focus more on the lifesaving fail bit when the silly pricks get pissed and try and fight rips. Its okay to assist them by holding their heads down.


  12. Dunno Therbs – I don’t get down there much of an evening these days. Mind you, I’ve generally found it to be a peaceful sort of a place anyway, often with trendy/beautiful people there mixed in with the locals. Friday night used to be good for the meat and seafood tray raffles. Warm afternoons are better, what with the view of sunbaking fillies across the road.


  13. Renters Insurance Montana…

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