HEADLINE – Japanese Official Resigns Over Radiation Joke

"Hey, it's great to be here."

TOKYO — Just over a week after he took office, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda of Japan suffered his first political setback on Saturday when the new minister of trade and industry resigned after a joke about radiation caused a public uproar.

The industry minister, Yoshio Hachiro, stepped down after apologies failed to quell calls for his resignation within his own governing Democratic Party. The party appeared to be moving quickly to control damage to Mr. Noda’s government.

“The government is not responsible for Mr. Hachiro’s general poor performance, including his incomplete set up and lack of comic timing,” Mr. Noda said Saturday.

“They should have known what to expect when the press conference announcement said there was a two drink minimum,” said Shecky Watanabe, Japanese Minister for Economic Development, followed by a rimshotv from his drummer.


10 Responses to “HEADLINE – Japanese Official Resigns Over Radiation Joke”

  1. It won’t matter because he’s all booked up well into next year and is in fact doing the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2012. Tickets selling now!


  2. Doesn’t he know that’s Jerry Lewis’s stick


  3. “Shtick.” The term – from Yiddish – is “shtick,” ya fuckin’ shagits.


  4. Oh no … can’t get the image of Jerry Lewis’s stick out of my head now. Not that I’ve seen it. Don’t want to either …


  5. He’s now writing gags for John Birmingham’s radio show.


  6. How can I dial in so I can give the main bloke some grief?


  7. Posted the link at JB’s bliog


  8. Japanese miniesters resign for telling off jokes? Wooses! Our whole Aussie government IS an off joke!


  9. If you can delay you’re departure from Oz there’s a large burger gathering in Brisbane on 12 November to go to the premiere of Bedes’ latest stage adaptation of a JB book. It promises to be of epic proportions.


  10. Got a copy of your itinerary via The Cat! Will be great to meet you here in Melbourne, and I second Therbs’ suggestion re Brisvegas! Will be truly EPIC!


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