HEADLINE – Bachmann Takes Break From Campaign

MUNCIE, Indiana – Tea Party darling Michelle Bachmann took time off from her presidential campaign to relax by strolling through a meat locker.

“Nothing clears my head and makes me feel more confident in God’s great plan for me than spending time with a bunch of hanging carcasses,” Bachmann said as she walked among dead cows waiting to be  butchered at the Acme International Meat Processing plant just outside of Muncie.

“Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it,” quipped convicted serial killer, Charles Manson, from his cell in Folsom Prision.


9 Responses to “HEADLINE – Bachmann Takes Break From Campaign”

  1. Really not much different from the usual company she keeps. Although I imagine the quality of the conversation to be of a slightly higher calibre.


  2. She is just walking around with a great big ‘FEAR ME” sign strapped to her face ins’t she?


  3. Yes. So? What’s your point?


  4. I heard the cows heard she was coming and topped themselves but even in death they could not escape…..

    Paul, can i take it that we in WA won’t have to activate our airdefences to defend our airspace from an incursion by yourself?
    Hope so as I’m beginning to think that I didn’t quite get the arabic-English translation quite right on the instruction manuals….


  5. So Sarah Palin can shoot the beasts and Crazy Eyes can butcher them. That just has to be good for small businesses.


  6. Chaz – Other than Homeland Security, you are the only person or agency to looked that up.


  7. Wow – even our most batshit crazy politicians have a fair way to go to match that woman for the ‘I am a psychopath’ look.


  8. That was a meat processing plant? I thought it was our Federal Parliament.


  9. CCat, not our Federal Parliament is where the off-cuts go..when they start to go a it green


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