HEADLINE – ‘Inherently racist’ bake sale by UC Berkeley set for Tuesday

FRESNO, California – The University of California, Berkeley, will  be holding its seventh annual Inherently Racist Bake Sale to raise funds for environmental projects.

The tasty treats offered for sale will include Buckra Crackers (sort of bland and very expensive; they come with a side of mayonnaise),  Jigaboo Chews, Wop Drops, Spic on a Stick, Chocolate Frogs (coco treats shaped like Frenchmen), Hymie-Limeyade (a refreshing citrus beverage served by a Rabbi with an English accent ) and Fig Gobbler Cobbler.

Lunch items will also be available, such as the always popular Jap Wrap and Seppo Salad.

Complementary Bamboo Coon balloons will be given out to children.

Source: http://www.cnn.com/2011/09/27/us/california-racial-bake-sale


7 Responses to “HEADLINE – ‘Inherently racist’ bake sale by UC Berkeley set for Tuesday”

  1. Awesome! When does the food fight start? Or are we going straight to molotov cocktails?


  2. The Seppo Salad has bits of shrapnel in it – just in case there is a food fight.


  3. Tasty. I’ll try some of the Chocoalte Frogs and Spick on a Stick. When you’re in Oz check out our own brand of racism and xenophobia. We aim to be World’s Best Practice. That’s right Seppoland, we’re gunning for the top.


  4. I really like safe poker – what about you?


  5. What are you, gay? A real man plays dangerous poker.


  6. Top form, paulboylan! Any chocolate frogs left?

    Missed opportunity by those apposed to this bake sale :
    Organizer said: “If a white guy comes up and says, ‘I want the price from an African-American female,’ we absolutely give him that price,” he said.

    The best protest:
    put them out of business; everyone says, “This is great, I support SB 185, too and I want the Native American woman’s price.” (.25 price – .25 woman’s discount)


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