HEADLINE – Rick Perry reassures GOP about debating Obama

WASHINGTON — Rick Perry on Sunday sought to reassure GOP primary voters concerned about his wobbly presidential debate performances, apparent low intelligence and general lack of basic education, saying he would draw sharp distinctions with the Democratic incumbent in televised showdowns next year.

“I’m not worried a bit to debate Barack Obama,” Perry said.  “And I believe in Santa Claus,” he added.

The Texas governor, driving for front-runner status as the most viable conservative in the wide-open field, offered up samples of the scathing rhetoric he used to get elected as Governor of Texas.

“President Obama’s policies are poopy,” Perry said with a grin.

“And he is ugly and his mother dresses him funny.  President Obama’s mother is so ugly, well, she is pretty ugly. And she is white. Can you believe that? A white woman having sex with a black man?  In Texas we don’t take kindly to any sort of race mixing.”

“And we don’t like Mormons. They are a cult,” Perry concluded  before further demonstrating his wit by firing a gun into the air.

“Yee ha!” Perry screamed. “Now, don’t that qualify me to be prez-o-dent?” he asked.



6 Responses to “HEADLINE – Rick Perry reassures GOP about debating Obama”

  1. Sorry, I thought this was going to be about Katie Perry.


  2. *Imagines substituting Katy Perry in that pic with the big suasage*


  3. Katie Perry blow job allusions are not welcomed here. Instead, please go to http://www.katieperrygivingblowjobs.gov. Such comments are not just welcomed there, they are expected, if not valued.

    It is a sick world.


  4. Blog focus on Business…

    […]HEADLINE – Rick Perry reassures GOP about debating Obama « PEOPLE OF EARTH: ATTENTION[…]…


  5. Another regional bigot makes hateful comments about Perry because he is from the South. Why is hating someone because of where they are born any worse than hating them because of skin colour? Both are just as despicable. Regional bigots and racial bigots. No real difference.


  6. paulboylan Says:

    Not at all. I don’t hate Perry – I love him. He is a total idiot. The fact he is from “the south” doesn’t factor into it. Frankly, I consider Texas to be a region all to itself separate from the south.

    And my comments aren’t hateful. They are hilarious – but they would not be hilarious if they weren’t just a teeny bit true. The guy is a moron. He would be a moron if he were a woman, or black, or hispanic, etc. Moron is as moron does, and he does moron GREAT!


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