WEBSITE OF THE WEEK – Warning to Parents



When I saw the graphic reproduced above, I thought it was a joke.  A hilarious joke making fun of the breed of fundamentalist christians who were insane.  Comparing Easter Eggs with Satan’s testicles is incredible parody and satire.  Simply brilliant.

But I looked into it and found out that it is even funnier than I could have ever imagined – because it is real. Take a look for yourself. Go to and see for yourself.  I reproduce it below.

The site offers some marvelous items more than suitable for Christmas gifts.

Click on the images for a larger version easier to read.



13 Responses to “WEBSITE OF THE WEEK – Warning to Parents”

  1. I’ve seen this website before and thought it was an hilarious parody. I really can’t believe it is serious, its just written in too jokey a style. “vomited instinctivey onto both of us … and kicked little Macel in the head (and sent her straight home to Jesus)”. Really, its comedy gold.
    I am sooo stealing that description, “Lucifer’s Testicles”.
    Bringing the awesome again Prof.


  2. I was curious to see what other books those that bought these books were buying. I headed on over to the real amazon website, since for some reason my workplace has denied access to (can’t imagine why?) unfortuantely they didn’t offer Dr Cameroons book, nor indeed Pastor Deacon’s ‘Nancy Boy Chrissy, the bedwetting sissy’. I was hoping to click on a what other people bought that also bought this book (I imagine a lot of naziporn and Hitler was ok kinda stuff.

    Typing “is your child playing with Satan’s testicles’ got me links to these fine tomes

    Satan, You Can’t Have My Children: The spiritual warfare guide for every parent by Iris Delgado (where as in some places it was released under the title ‘make me on offer Satan’.

    SATAN’S BID FOR YOUR CHILD by Jack Hyles (some sort online trading guide I presume)

    Satan, My Children Are Not Yours (Spanish Edition) by Zondervan, presumably a home paternatiy test kit is offered. and my favourite

    Prepare For War by Rebecca Brown
    Do you know how Satan can use “doorways” including yoga, role-playing games, and meditation, to bring demonic destruction into your home? In this spiritual warfare manual, Rebecca Brown writes from seven years experience helping deliver many people out of hardcore satanism. In this sequel to her best-selling book He Came to Set the Captives Free, you will learn to stand victoriously against Satan, deal with the dangerous New Age teachings, recognize and deal with satanic ritualistic abuse of children, minister in the area of deliverance, and handle the rarely discussed problems people face after deliverance. Satan hates you and wants to destroy you. To be victorious you must Prepare for War”.

    mmmm noting gets me hot for satanic violence like about of meditation and yoga. Whats scaries about this is it’s a sequel.

    Wow, no wonder you enjoyed Australia if this is the sort of folk you have to deal with over there.


  3. Err, the site is satire.


  4. You really think so?


  5. Excellent. Roolly excellent.


  6. I met Dr. Cameroon at a conference in Brussels back in ’98. He gloated about all of the “suckers” that were sending him money for his advice on how to prevent robots from stealing their luggage. Just before he passed out (he was, and possibly still is, a heavy drinker) he mused on the possibility of “cashing in” on fundamentalist Christians who, according to Cameroon “will believe anything.” I never dreamed he would put his plans into effect, although he apparently has done just that.

    I have a photo of him somewhere. I will post it if I can find it.


  7. Personally I thought the pagan version of Easter sounded a whole lot more fun.

    Yoga, role-playing games and meditation bring Satan? We hit two of three of those here….we are stuffed!


  8. The site definitely reveals itself to be satire once you check out the shirts and bumper stickers for sale.


  9. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn! (The Curse of Cthulu on all who have profaned the Holy Calamari!)


  10. Now I know why my tomato crops won’t grow.


  11. That’s what’s wrong with me – I’ve been playing with satan’s balls. You don’t want to know what ELSE I’ve been doing with them either.


  12. ” never dreamed he would put his plans into effect,”

    I believe that should read ” never dreamed he would put his nefarious scheme into effect”,


  13. I’ve been away from the blogosphere too long. That’s gold. Perhaps my chocoloate crucifixes are marketable. To the patent office!


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