As you know, I just returned from a two week trip to Australia.

While there, someone provide me with a freshly baked bread roll.

I asked what it was in it and was told “cheese and Vegemite.”

The roll was delicious.

Last night I brought the subject up while chatting with my wife, sort of suggesting that maybe she could make me some.

In response, my wife fixed me with a cold, piercing stare.

She said (and I quote):

“This is what those people do: they take you somewhere, they cloud your mind – like the Shadow – they feed you Vegemite, and you think you love it.”

So I guess I ain’t gonna get any more until I visit again.


  1. Somehow, you have defied the odds: a grown man recently converted to the black paste. I was always of the opinion that Australians only love it because it was force fed to them as children and they have no control over the desire. I see that theory has been well and truly blown out of the water.

    I used to have a kick-arse recipe for cinnamon scrolls but have now lost it. I think it could be easily adapted to Vegemite and tasty cheese.


  2. As you, of all people, know, my appreciation for the things is sincere.


  3. Want me to send you a jar?


  4. We’ll make sure you’re well stocked when you return.


  5. Sir Terry Pratchet in his excellent book ‘The last Continent’ gives a reasonable a description of Vegemite as anywhere, pg173 in my edition.

    Also my reason for living has that same stare, where do they go to learn it? or does it just come to them.


  6. There’s some guys down Sepulveda in L.A. know how to score you some of the good stuff. Just down the alley near Guido’s Magic and Bait shop.


  7. Haha. Love your wife’s glare. Joanna :))


  8. Nursemyra – Yes, please send me some. I can get it here no problem, but the idea of it being imported will make it taste better, don’t you think?

    Bangar – If the stuff Myra sends me tastes better than what I can buy here then, yes, I will need to take some home with me next time I visit. BTW, your brew is fantastic in coffee. Damn.

    Barnes – I will look it up, even though I am fairly sure how it is made. I really don’t care. It was a brilliant idea for selling something that would have been discarded. Now THAT is concept a seppo can embrace.

    Therbs – I know that place!

    Joanna – That isn’t my wife, but the look on her face is a reasonable facsimile thereof – the “sweetie, do you have your head up your ass again, or what?” look.


  9. I’m eating vegemite sandwiches at my desk as I type this…

    Oh, and it is actually made from koala’s noses. Just so you know.


  10. If so, then I am all in favour of cutting off koala noses and processing them into tasty brown stuff.


  11. Noses? I thought it was lips and arseholes …


  12. I haven’t tried it that way. I know a lot of Greeks and Italians have a bit of grappa/holy water/improved water in the morning coffee though … keeps the chill out apparently 😉


  13. Bangar, I think he only put your special water in his coffee because he didn’t have any vegemite to put in it.


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