Nobody Loves the Red Skull

Hello, I am the Red Skull. Welcome to my Lair.

I have everything.  I have evil minions.

I have weapons.

I have evil plans.

But I lack the most important thing a man can have.  I lack a good woman to share my life.


I’ve tried, but cannot find her.

Sometimes I regret ever choosing to become the Red Skull.


5 Responses to “Nobody Loves the Red Skull”

  1. This is very sad. I feel bad for Red Skull man. He cannot find true love.


  2. You know the one in the top picture, he’s an AUSTRALIAN red Skull.


  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.


  4. How can a man who sports such a big weapon not find a good woman?
    Ahem. I’m here every Wednesday folks.
    Shaun to Reception please.
    *tap tap*
    Bingo starts in ten minutes. Please make your way to the Rohypnol Room.


  5. The problem is, he wants a red boots girl when he is surrounded by green boots girls. And guys too by the look of things.


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