HEADLINE – Lady Gaga Terrifies Baby

Lady Gaga holds up crying baby after yelling "boo!" and shaking the infant.


MUNCIE – For the third time in two days, pop star Lady Gaga has frightened a small child.

“So I like to scare kids. So what?” Gaga said on Wednesday.  “Everyone has their peccadillos.  Mine happens to be frightening children,” the singer added.

“I hate the little bastards,” Gaga concluded.


Source:  http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20546230,00.html


6 Responses to “HEADLINE – Lady Gaga Terrifies Baby”

  1. I love a good Halloween story


  2. I thought the same thing when I read it.


  3. A man in the pub once told me that babies’ heads stay the same size up until adulthood. I thought it was crap until I saw that pic.


  4. Lady Gaga has the same effect on me!

    Incidentally I have never heard her sing a note or even a single bar from one of her tunes. I have no wish to alter that situation.


  5. As repulsive as she is visually, she is actually a very talented musician. Do yourself a favor, Colin: find a copy of Bad Romance and listen to it – but do NOT watch the video. Although the music is good, the video is, well, repulsive.


  6. Wait till she checks the nappy – I know who’ll be scared then.


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