Kansas City

I’ve never been here before.  I like it.  This is a city with complex personality, a haunted quality and unexpected sophistication.

Bread pudding flambe I got at at rib joint. Incredibly delicate and delicious.

Tonight: dinner with Murph and Trinity.

Looking forward to it.


12 Responses to “Kansas City”

  1. Say g’day to Murph and Trinity for all us Oz burgers. Enjoy KC.


  2. sfmurphy1971 Says:

    And a fine dinner it was, I might add.

    Hey there, Therbs. Good to see you, man.

    I am sorry to say that chickens were choked at Stroud’s. That said, we did not do the choking ourselves and fortunately, we did not take pictures. 🙂

    On the Outer Marches


  3. Choked chicken just tastes better. Believe me, you feel bad about strangling the life out of such a small, innocent creature, but you forget all about the horror after the first bite.


  4. Bread pudding flambé? That was deliberate? Not just a careless moment by a chef who forgot to turn the oven down at the right time?



  5. It wasn’t your typical bread pudding. They called it that, but it was really a “deconstructed” bread pudding. The base was a wound of dense unsweetened white bread. On top of that was a hemisphere of very light vanilla egg custard. They poured rum over that, lit it on fire, let most of the alcohol burn off, leaving an amazingly delicious syrup around the whole thing.

    Bread pudding is peasant food – a way of extracting every bit of caloric value out of bread. The dessert I was served was haute cuisine. Definite French influence.

    I ate a more typical bread pudding the next day at a different rib place called Jack Stack. I will post photos of that when I get a chance.


  6. Looks awesome … I really wish I could have made it. Damn.


  7. Ha. I can pick out bits and pieces of scenery from Angels of Vengeance. Cool.


  8. Last night Murph and Trinity gave me the Angels of Vengeance tour. For example, they took me to the exact spot where Miguel got killed.

    Between Murph’s KC tour and you showing me the Rocks in Sydney, I feel my AoV experience is unique.


  9. The tallest scraper would be One Kansas City Place, which was slashed by an out of control jet on the day of the Disappearance. I’m guessing PNB took this from the Westin facing north which means the collapsed Liberty Memorial would be off to picture left.

    Strangely enough, while Boylan was encountering the flambe at Zona Rosa, Trinity and I were walking our dog at the same complex.

    Paul, I had an excellent time chatting with you. My class really enjoyed your presentation, as did I.

    Now I believe I’m off to fight out World War II in the Pacific for the next three hours. Unfortunately, I’m competiting against the Chiefs per Monday Night Football.

    On the Outer Marches


  10. TuesdayPillow Says:

    Hi Mr. Boylan. It’s been a while, but one cannot forget the delicate details of a Caribbean lunch for three in the California breeze. You exist to make me laugh – remember this.


  11. “Mr.” Boylan? Mister? I though we understood that you should refer to me as “Sir.”


  12. I always thought the expression ‘choking the chicken’ meant something that you couldn’t do in a public eatery, well most public eateries.


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