My Bananahead Nightmare (continued)


Apparently, some of you out there misconstrue my prior post’s serious nature.  I really am not kidding.  There is something about people putting bananas on their head that creeps me out. Big time.

I felt the GIF of Freddy Mercury fondling a bunch of bananas on his head would be horrifying enough. But it wasn’t.  So I am forced to show you the true extent of this sick perversion.





5 Responses to “My Bananahead Nightmare (continued)”

  1. You may or may not be aware that thanks to cylonic activity, we’ve had a dearth of bananas here for most of the year. If not nightmares, you’ve at least induced substantial cravings in most of the readership – at least those who can still walk in spite of the crippling leg cramps due to postassium deprivation.


  2. Just makes me want fkn Banana Fkn Paddle Pops!


  3. You, sir, have waaayyyyy too much time on your hands. (But no bananas on your head. At least, I hope not.)


  4. Says the man who blogs at length about raspberries.


  5. What a cool trend. Where are bananas when you need them? Glad the price of bananas is coming down in Australia. I’ll soon be able to sport a full head of bananas. Joanna :))


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