9 Responses to “WONDERFUL NEWS!!!”

  1. But I wanted chips!

    (There’s always someone …)

  2. Does the sign say they have chips? Eh? No, it does not.

  3. Which means they are saying ‘We have vegtables”

  4. Michael, why do you hate America?

  5. Intriguing.

  6. Is “intriguing” code for “idiotic?”

    Normally I wouldn’t ask, but you antipodeans can be cryptic. suggestive and enigmatic. I really cannot stand any of those qualities.

  7. Pizza Hut does not, in fact, have pizza at all. It is cardboard with shitty sauce and fake cheese.

    Herr Doktor Boylan I will NOT stand by and watch you mislead our southern cross mates in such a spurious fashion.

    Reprehensible behaviour on your part and you have been duly chastised.

    No eggnog for you.

  8. I reckon this was photoshopped. The sign actually said,
    ‘Regular unleaded: $3.89’

  9. Isn’t pizza a vegtable?

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