HEADLINE – British Clarification on Implant Scandal Leaves Women Only More Confused



LONDON — On Friday British government spokespersons made unintelligible statements about the government’s position on dangerous French breast implants.

“It is undeniably the case that these implants are made up of non-medical-grade silicone and therefore should not have been implanted in women in the first place,” British health secretary, Andrew Lansley, said in a statement, immediately adding: “In re yours of the 5th inth, yours to hand and beg to rep – brackets, that uhh… we have gone over the ground carefully, and we seem to believe, i.e., to, wit, e.g., in lieu, that uhh… despite all our precautionary measures which have been involved… uhh… we seem to believe that it is hardly necessary for us to proceed, unless we receive an ipso facto that is not negligable at this moment. Quote unquote in quotes. Uhh… hoping this finds you, I beg to remain as July 9th,” Lansley concluded.

His remarks did little to assuage the fears of about 40,000 other British women who unwittingly paid for the poor quality implants during cosmetic surgery in dozens of private clinics where the bulk of the implants here were done.

Responding to the announcement, which was supposed to clarify the government’s position on the growing breast-implant scandal, many women said they were more confused and frightened than ever.


Source:  http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/07/world/europe/british-clarification-on-implant-scandal-leaves-women-more-confused-than-ever.html


2 Responses to “HEADLINE – British Clarification on Implant Scandal Leaves Women Only More Confused”

  1. It takes much work and a high degree of knowledge of the language to produce such a confusing announcement. They should get some sort of award.


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