HEADLINE – Romney Surrogate: Electability Should Trump ‘Beliefs and Principles’


MUNCIE, Indiana – A New Hampshire surrogate for Mitt Romney said at a local political event that it’s evident he will be the Republican presidential nominee and suggested that “beliefs and principles” should not be the deciding factor for voters. 


State Sen. Gary Lambert said the most important thing is to nominate somebody who can defeat President Obama.

Senator Gary Lambert

“This is not about picking a favorite, it’s not about picking someone you like,” Lambert said. “It’s not about picking someone even with your own beliefs and principles.  This is about choosing the candidate with the best chance of getting that negro out of the White House,” Lambert concluded.



 “We also have to make damned sure it never happens again,” Lambert added. “That’s why Republicans in the House of Representatives and the Senate in Washington refuse to vote for anything Obama proposes,” Lambert explained. “Sure, it means nothing can get done and it means our nation is going down the toilet, but that is a small price to pay to get that negro out of the White House.  We need to punish the American people so severely that they will never, ever elect one again,” Lambert said.



“Sure, Rick Santorum has remained true to his beliefs and to conservative principals, and it is true that Santorum’s principals and beliefs are the same as the vast majority of Republicans out there,” Lambert said.



“But there is no way the American people will elect a religious fanatic/bigot. There is just no way. But they might elect Mitt Romney, a guy who has no moral values, who says whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear, and who changes his opinion from second to second.


Snap that rubber glove! Snap it good!

And that’s why Republicans just have to hold their nose and vote for Romney – because he is our best hope of getting that awful negro out of the White House,” Lambert said. ” It is the “White” House, for Christ’s sake.”



“Even though Mitt Romney isn’t the perfect candidate, he still has the best chance of beating Obama, and that is why I endorse Romney and urge all white people to vote for him,” Lambert concluded before running off into the darkness.



7 Responses to “HEADLINE – Romney Surrogate: Electability Should Trump ‘Beliefs and Principles’”

  1. Brilliant, brilliant stuff.

    “But there is no way the American people will elect a religious fanatic/bigot.

    an optimistic American, so nice to read about one.

  2. Yes, it’s quite touching really.

  3. paulboylan Says:

    Obama’s election galvanized the Republican Party to take back the America they lost. They hate each other, but are nevertheless united in their hatred of Obama. It is awe inspiring.

  4. Can you get this published in The Times? mmmm I was always under the impression that the results of the preselection is “fixed” prior despite what the American people believe?

  5. paulboylan Says:

    Yes, that’s true. What’s your point?

  6. Someone who doesn't drink the Neo-Nazi Kool-Aid Says:

    Wow. You guys are a bunch of fucking ignorant racists! The North should have just let the South secede in 1860. The Union would be a much better place. For a bunch of minority hating white folks, you sure seem to like drinking Kool-Aid. A LOT!

  7. paulboylan Says:

    Oh, i see. The North should have allowed the South the engage in slavery. We have problems with people who won’t let go of the racism that justified slavery and propped up the economic system that depended on it. But we are all better off that the institution of buying and selling human beings came to an end.

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