WEBSITE OF THE WEEK – A peek into the past

We live in a amazing place in time and space.  Never before in the history of the world has so much esoteric information been literally at our fingertips.  For most humans there is little value in an instant – almost godlike – ability to access information.  But for people like me – who see the entire purpose of existence as a desperate devotion, an inevitably futile lifelong quest to intellectually and emotionally grasp the absurd – living in the Information Age provides a spiritual high every time we go online.

Which brings me to my new favorite website, List of the Day.  Check out great-olan-mills-photos.html  for a taste of what is offered.  On this one page someone went through the significant trouble of collecting together stock photos from some of the photography studios that proliferated in the United States during the 1970’s.  Here is a small sample of what is offered:





These photos were displayed as advertisement for a photo studio’s photographic services.  My, my, my, how times have changed.


6 Responses to “WEBSITE OF THE WEEK – A peek into the past”

  1. ***shudder******


  2. Egods! Or is that, egads?

    I live in a section of the country where these people all migrated. They are still here. At least two of them working at the Kum ‘n Go convenience store.


  3. Yeah sure Boylan. Web site. *cough* . Don’t make me laugh Paul, just don’t make me laugh. Those photos come from that extras file which you stole from the desk of The Love Boat’s casting director back in ’86. You never found that picture of Misty Rowe did you?


  4. The photo of Misty isn’t for distribution. She’s special.


  5. OMG, this is fantastic! Olan Mills…classic 80s photography.


  6. I agree that it is fantastic. That’s why I simply had to post the link. But I do think these photos were taken in the 1970’s.


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