Russian Epiphany

Those who visit here regularly know that I am Greek Orthodox.  I was baptized by my grandfather, Nicholas Speliotis – a Greek Orthodox priest – shortly before he died.  As Christian sects go, Greek Orthodoxy is very moderate. We avoid extremes, and that is part of its growing charm (Greek Orthodoxy is the fastest growing Christian sect in America).

But Greek Orthodoxy is only one of many different kinds of orthodoxy, and some are more extreme than others.

Click on the link below to see a video showing a Russian Orthodox tradition to commemorate the Epiphany:

Russians Take Icy Dip For Epiphany

Believe me, Greeks would never, ever do that.

At least not in such cold weather.



5 Responses to “Russian Epiphany”

  1. Some call it extreme ball shrinkage, others call it brave, I call if fucking mad. The only epiphany I’d get out of that is a greater understanding of stupidity and that Russians are batshit crazy.


  2. I always saw you more as a greek Un-orthodox.


  3. Why was the guy in the full on dry suit dunking the 5 y/o at the end? I guess her folks didn’t fancy a dip.

    Just another example of “when religion goes bad”.


  4. Actually, it makes me admire the dry guy dunking the kid. He stayed dry, didn’t he?


  5. I think JB saw this guy wandering around New Farm a few weeks back. Easier to go shirtless than having to unbutton all the way to the navel.


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