I received this plea for my help…

I recently received an email from someone in Africa who wants my help.  We’ve all received this kind of email from con artists trying to get us to send them cash in exchange for a share in an eventual fortune.  

Here is the first page of the two page email:

Click on image to enlarge.

As I said, the text is typical – but with one difference that stood out as I read.  In attempting to elicit my sympathy, the author described the horrors of his situation, including:


Following the brake out of the war, almost all government offices, cooperation’s and prostates were attacked and vandalized.


I’ve never read this sort of pitch before.  And, truth be told, learning that “almost all prostates were attacked and vandalized” does elicit a visceral reaction.

Those poor men.



9 Responses to “I received this plea for my help…”

  1. Yes, General Williams and his half brother were probably lucky to have been killed in cool blood instead of suffering such painful indignity.


  2. Oh yes. I forgot about the being killed in cool blood part. But (and I use that term guardedly) who is to say that those fiends did not attack and vandalize their prostates after they were dead?


  3. My eyes are still watering. Perhaps alien abductees suffer not merely anal probes but vandalised prostates?


  4. Teeny, tiny spray paint cans.


  5. It gives the term ‘anal tags’ a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?


  6. I suppose it does, yes.


  7. Maybe the peretrators would like to come over here and repeat the feat.


  8. I’m not sure they would receive an enthusiastic reception, Bondi.


  9. That Forday Sanko is a bad man. A bad, bad man. I want to assist in any way I can. To this end the good people at 419 Eater have provided me with many helpful hints.


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