HEADLINE – Birth Control Pills Recalled



“We are really embarrassed about this,” said Pfizer spokesperson, Buffy Hendrickson. “It was a really knuckle-head move to sell birth control pills that don’t prevent pregnancy,” Hendrickson confessed.

“It is sort of like selling an umbrella that isn’t water proof,”  Hendrickson admitted.

“But let’s look at the bright side.  Even though these pills won’t prevent pregnancy, the upside is that the children of women who used this medication will be born with a full head of hair and set of adult teeth,”  Hendrickson said.



4 Responses to “HEADLINE – Birth Control Pills Recalled”

  1. That picture is seriously disturbing…
    Though perhaps less disturbing than finding you’re pregnant despite being on the pill…


  2. I can see the Mitt Romneys of this world getting right behind this kind of thing.


  3. That picture makes me wonder just where Rowan Atkinson has Bean.


  4. Lord help the mothers.


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