WEBSITE OF THE WEEK – Married to the Sea

For the second time, Married to the Sea/is my website of the week.

Married to the Sea/takes public domain drawings and cartoons and pairs them with funny captions.  This is the most recent one they’ve posted:


Click on Image to Enlarge


Married to the Sea/features a new drawing every day and has a large archive of past posting.  I highly recommend it to you.



6 Responses to “WEBSITE OF THE WEEK – Married to the Sea”

  1. Pffft. Talking cows? You seriously want me to believe that a delicious eye fillet steak comes from something which can speak English? Next you’ll be telling me that bacon can sing.


  2. And chipmunks, Therbs. Don’t forget the chipmunks…. the screechy, annoying, mind-dissolving chipmunks… *twitch* *twitch*




  3. But here’s something which may take talking cows completely out of this whole Dr Doolittle equation.


  4. Ewwww! Soylent Green, anyone?


  5. Yeah, but they are going to sell all that synthetic, factory produced “meat” to people who don’t eat meat because they can’t stand the thought of killing an animal to get it.

    What’s wrong with that? It is just an example of corporations extracting cash from morons – which makes it American as apple pie. And that means it is not only good, but morally correct.


  6. marcellous Says:

    “if the Juju had meant us not to eat people
    He wouldn’t have made us of meat”

    [Flanders & Swann: “Eating people is wrong”]


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