Over the last few weeks I’ve been watching the Dow Jones Industrial Average playing with the 13000 point barrier.  It is like a weird flirtation.  The total gets close, and then pulls back. It shoots up just over the line, and then drops back under.  And this is what I see and hear in the back of my mind as I watch this macro economic dance – two lovers, in the dark, approaching climax….

INVESTORS:  I want to shoot this thing up to 14000!  15000!  Yeah, baby, yeah! Give me all you got!

DJIA: No! No! We can’t!

INVESTORS:  Why?  Why not?  I am just ready to explode, baby, you got me so hot to invest! I want to pour all of my money into you, every last coin!



DJIA:  No, we can’t!  We just can’t! We have to wait!

INVESTORS:  Why wait?? The time is right!  The economy is improving, the housing market is coming back, unemployment is at a four year low! Consumer confidence is surging!

DJIA:  Surging???

INVESTORS:  Surging, I say! It is time to crank this thing up to 11!!

DJIA:  13!

INVESTORS:  Yeah, baby, yeah! 13! 14! 15! The Sky’s the limit! There is so much pent up demand! So much money tied up in savings accounts struggling to get out! It has to get out! Out!!!

DJIA: I know!  I know!  I want it too! But we can’t!!

INVESTORS:  In the name of Adam Smith, why? Why can’t we do this??

DJIA:  Because if we do, Barak Obama will get reelected!!!

INVESTORS:  Just stop thinking about Obama!  Think of money!!! Lots and lots of money!!!!

DJIA:  Yes!  Oh, yes!



INVESTORS:  Come on, baby, take us over the top!  Let me push you past 13000!!!

DJIA:  I want to, but I just can’t stop thinking about Obama!

INVESTORS:  Damn it!





13 Responses to “THE DOW JONES TANGO”

  1. Thanks for the link. I am a huge Tom Lehrer fan. I have many, many of his song lyrics memorized.


  2. Most cogent economic argument for the behaviour of the Dow Jones Index I have read all week


  3. So that’s how the ‘baby’ stocks are made.


  4. A very talented man Mr Lehrer, I take it your a fan of Victor Borge as well?


  5. Isn’t everyone, Bangarrr?


  6. Only those of us with good taste CC, hence my assumption.


  7. I never heard of the guy.


  8. Well that makes sense


  9. First PNB some Lehrer




  10. paulboylan Says:



  11. Anonymous Says:



  12. paulboylan Says:

    من پیشنهاد میکنم زمان دعا صرف کنید.


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