THREE STOOGES (a fair and balanced comparison)

Here are three stooges:



Moe, Curly and Larry.  

Moe is their leader. It is generally agreed-upon by pundits and intellectuals alike that Moe is head stooge and calls the shots for the other stooges.


Here are three more stooges:



This is not a balanced group of stooges. They appear to be three Larries.  Maybe a  Curly or two. One may aspire to be Shemp.  But who is their leader? Who calls the shots?  At best – and I do mean best – Santorum is Moe (bossy), Romney is Larry (easily confused) and Gingrich is Curly (a fat goof). At best.


I just love the word “stooge.”



8 Responses to “THREE STOOGES (a fair and balanced comparison)”

  1. Flinthart Says:

    The original Stooges were funnier. This lot seem to think they’re being groomed for a role in some kind of horror movie…


  2. paulboylan Says:

    You use the word “think” loosely, don’t you?


  3. Hehe. Stooge is a good word. A bit like porridge. Stodgy. Stooge is a word that should be popularised. Perhaps you could see to that, PNB. Joanna (now have diff pic of me as BlueTongue for CBG).


  4. Knuckleheads.


  5. The original Stooges look more attractive, and they’re happier. The contemporary three look like knuckleheads agreed… although I’d have said walnut grumpheads.

    Off topic, Paul: IYHO, do you like my new nickname, ‘Lizzie Bloo’ over at CBG? I need your lavish approval, or at least a nod, plus some followers on Twitter. :(… JoannaG 😉


  6. paulboylan Says:

    Oh yes. I approve of Lizzie Bloo. But I liked your other nicknames, too. My advice? Pick one and stick with it.


  7. Cool. Thanks, PNB. Good advice. I’ll stick with the original–Red Roo, even though some may not like it. Cheers, buddy. Joanna 🙂


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