HEADLINE – Egypt’s Coptic Christians hold second vigil for Pope Shenouda

CAIRO – The huge success of Pope Shenouda’s first vigil has prompted vigil organizers to hold a second vigil.

“The first vigil was the best vigil ever,” enthused Rhappi Kanasta, vigil organizer. “The crowds were so big we had to turn away thousands of disappointed people,” Kanasta said.

“I was really sad when I couldn’t get into the first vigil,” said Selma Heptman, who purchased tickets but was turned away at the gate. “But now there will be a second vigil, and I am going to go wait in line the night before to make sure I get a good seat,” Heptman said.

Vigil organizers have not ruled out holding a third vigil in the coming weeks.

“It all depends on the demand,” Kanasta said. “But I can tell you we haven’t seen anything like this since the Paul McCartney concert last June.”

“You’ve seen the body. Now buy the T-shirt,” Kanasta added.


One Response to “HEADLINE – Egypt’s Coptic Christians hold second vigil for Pope Shenouda”

  1. Taken from twitter feeds of young Coptics.

    “The vigil for PS rocked. Mosh pit was wicked!” – @Coppo82

    “I jumped teh fence. Woot! #fencejump #PSvigil” – @Ecc69

    “OMFG! Best. Vigil. Evahhh!” #psvigil – @cairoboy77

    “Hey @Coppo82, wuz great to c u at the front. Coppos rule!. #PSvigil” – @Sphinxie

    “So cool @Sphinxie. You going to Vigil2? #PSvigil – @Coppo82

    “Got tix up front for Vigil 2. DM me for deets.” – @Kingtut22

    “@Sphinxie. Meet up at Cas Bar tomozz at 6. Tix sorted. Gonna rip it up at Vigil2! #PSvigil – @Coppo82

    “Tix now gone. No more DM’s or I’ll block you see you next tuesdays! #vigil2 – @Kingtut22

    “Can’t believe got followed by vigil bots! Reported as spam! MoFuckerz! #PSvigil #spamfkrs” @cairoboy77

    “@Coppo82 – See ya there dude! Rock da Cas Bar! lol. #PSvigil” – @Sphinxie

    “@Sphinxie ROFLMFAO!!!” – @Coppo82


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