5 Responses to “WALKING DEAD – FINALE, SEASON 2”

  1. Yeah, home sweet home. if you have been reading the trade paperbacks it only gets more awesome, though some of the deviations from the Trade paperbacks I think lessened the impact that were much more powerful in the comics.


  2. Funnily enough, I was made aware of this today on the side of a bus. Looks like another good training series.


  3. Finally screening here in Australia. On Cable anyway, sorry GuruBob.


  4. Seen a few highlights of a couple of eps of the series. Some most excellent capping of zed.
    Shall be buying both series to add to my training course.


  5. I wait 4 months before reading this article and this is all I get? Awesome, ’bout sums up my view on the ending too.

    Way to turn it around Walking Dead people. Hooded super heroes, misty prisons and no more democracy. Sh-weet.


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