On January 20, 2011, when George W. Bush took office as President of the United States, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) was at 10,587.60

Bush immediately implemented his economic plans based on right wing ideology, and this had an immediate negative effect on the US economy.  For example, on March 20, 2001, the DJIA closed below the previous year’s low for the first time since 1982.

Barack Obama took office on January 20, 2009, and when he did, the DJIA was at 7,365.

As of the date this is posted, the DJIA closed at 13,149.55

Let’s crunch the numbers a bit:

During Bush II, the US economy experienced a steady decline that culminated with a virtual systemic melt down. During Bush’s term in office, the DJIA lost 3,222.6 points.

The Obama years saw, at first, a worsening economic climate, with the DJIA dropping even further.  Non partisan economists believe this was due in large measure to the downward momentum from the collapsing economic system Obama inherited from Bush II.  However, as of now, during Obama’s term the DJIA has added 5,784.55 points.

The GOP is offering us Mitt Romney to replace Obama.  Here is the problem:  Mitt Romney is a somewhat stupid rich guy who is out of touch with the real world and who relies on weird economic nonsense born more of ideology than reason.

Romney wants to give the rich a tax break and pay for it by taxing the poor. No fooling.

 But we already tried that with Bush II. It didn’t work.  Obama, for all his many, many faults, has made it better.

The American people are being asked to try again what didn’t work the first time and to replace a devil we know with a devil we don’t.

The American people will pick the devil they know – warts and all. They won’t believe the shrill screams from the lunatic Right that Obama is responsible for the economic mess he inherited.  They won’t believe that he can’t take credit for the recovery we’ve experienced.

That’s all there is to it.  Romney cannot win without moderate republican votes like mine, and I won’t vote for a return to the policies of Bush II.

I am going to do what most Americans will do – I will look at the DJIA for a sign of economic health and I will look to see if my SEP retirement fund has recouped the losses it suffered during Bush II.

It has. My retirement fund is in the black again for the first time in years.  And I’m feeling a bit more secure and eating out more.  Buying that bottle of wine. Taking that short vacation.  Not caring quite as much if the lights are left on or not.

I hated living otherwise. I hated being afraid. I remember being afraid that the banking system would crash and the rest would follow.  I started wondering if I should hoard black pepper because it might be hard to get when the international trade system collapsed.

I will never forget what that felt like.  I won’t jeopardize the positive change that has come – albeit slowly.

The GOP could have given us Jim Christie.  The GOP could have embraced Ron Paul.  But it didn’t.  They found someone as much like George W. Bush as they could.

It isn’t my fault if Romney isn’t a viable candidate.

 It isn’t my fault that the GOP did everything it could to keep the economy from improving – and failed.

It infuriates me that keeping the economy bad was their big strategy to being with.  It isn’t my fault that the Republican elite is praying – and scheming – for an economic downturn right before the next election.  It isn’t my fault that the GOP strategists decided it was a good idea to spread rumors that Obama was born in Kenya and pander to bigotry by spreading the rumor that Obama is Muslim (or “muslin” as they say in the deep red states).

All they had to do was run on Obama’s record – which is really, really bad, – and give us a viable alternative.  It isn’t my fault they decided to focus on something else.

I feel bad I cannot vote for Romney. All I am doing is pursing my personal best interests. That is all any American voter should be expected to do. And that is why Romney will lose.


UPDATE:  The latest employment figures were disappointing: unemployment dropped, but the number of jobs created was lower thane expected.  

Romney wins in November!!!

5 Responses to “SIMPLE MATH [UPDATED]”

  1. You are an intelligent man, Paul. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are not intelligent. There are even more people who, while normally intelligent, can have their heads turned by some trifling detail – as happened in Australia when the unwashed masses voted in our PM solely because she was a woman (and boy, are they regretting it now!).

    Your fellow Americans may look at the improved DJIA. But there will also be many voters who will look instead at Romney’s estimated personal wealth and assume that if he’s rich then he must be good with money, and will assuredly run the country profitably. It is this mindset that causes normally sensible retirees to lose their superannuation in property developments, and it is this mindset that may lead to a closer run in the presidential race than you expect.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    I think you’re right.

    Damn it.


  3. You are an intelligent man, Paul. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are not intelligent. There are even more people who, while normally intelligent, can have their heads turned by some trifling detail – as will happen in Australia when the unwashed masses vote in our next PM solely because he will provoke unwarranted base fear of brown people, offer an echo of 1950’s Mr Atlas comic book advertisements and to tear down anything his opponents have wrought.


  4. You never know, Therbs. The unwashed masses may also find this worth voting for:

    No wonder Mr Atlas-Echo is trying to provoke unwarranted fear of Brown people.


  5. Don’t worry, I have my alfoil hat firmly fitted and my trusty .303 ready to repel the brown hordes. And like all voters I simply adore the Telegraph. The inciteful wisdom it produces never fails to delight. Just wish they’d run their own commentary on the Republican candidates..


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