HEADLINE – Colleagues, friends react to death of Mike Wallace

“I’m glad the mother fucker is dead,” said Robert Benson, a journalist working in Santa Monica, California and a colleague of Mike Wallace, who passed away today.  “Wallace was a world class asshole. As I said, I’m glad he’s dead.”

“I will miss him,” said Tammy Singlton, Mike Wallace’s friend of two years. “Mike was a wonderful social host,” said Singleton.

Other friends and colleagues reacted to Wallace’s death in a similar manner.


6 Responses to “HEADLINE – Colleagues, friends react to death of Mike Wallace”

  1. With studied indifference perhaps?


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Isn’t motherfucker one word?


  3. Only a motherfucker would point that out.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    I’ll have you know, good sir,that I am in fact a mother, proof of the fact that I have had sex so yes, I suppose you could call me that.


  5. paulboylan Says:

    Michael: see what I miss when I don’t pay attention? I am hoping this discussion continues. I want to see where it goes. Unfortunately, Benno rarely visits here.


  6. It can be either two words or one word, depending upon what brand of English you use, or the emphasis on simply being descriptive or perjorative.


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