HEADLINE – Birth control pills get new labeling

MUNCIE, Indiana –  To address concerns with birth control pills that tests showed were ineffective/, Phizer said on Tuesday that all bottles containing birth control pills will include a sticker stating:

Warning: may not prevent pregnancy.




7 Responses to “HEADLINE – Birth control pills get new labeling”

  1. Except in smaller print


  2. Anonymous Says:

    How could it be smaller, dude?


  3. Another sticker is required:
    “May contain traces of nuts”.


  4. paulboylan Says:



  5. Thought the GOP were already labelling users of birth control drugs? Mostly as sluts and whores


  6. paulboylan Says:

    Yes, and rightly so.


  7. Come now, Paul. They don’t really want to label all those poor sluts and whores. I’m sure they’d much rather wave a magic ultrasound wand and make all the sluts disappear. But not the whores. (Government officials need something to do on Saturday nights, you know).


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