HEADLINE – Good news for penguin lovers

MUNCIE, Indiana – Due to the harsh antarctic climate, coming up with an accurate number of Emperor Penguins has proved to be extremely difficult. However, a new study using satellite imagery has done what may be the most accurate count of the large flightless birds yet done, pegging their population at around 595,000 birds — nearly twice the previous estimate.

This is good news for people who love penguin./“Tonight I am making Emperor Penguin tacos for dinner, and I was feeling a little guilty about it,” said Marge Ridgewood, housewife from Cleveland, Ohio. “But now that I know there are lots of the little buggers, I don’t feel so bad,” Ridgewood added.




2 Responses to “HEADLINE – Good news for penguin lovers”

  1. That’s not nice, Paul. Eating cute little penguins would be cruel. I’ll just have the veal… or maybe the ikizukuri.


  2. Having seen first hand the size of the galley of the Aurora Australis my guess is that the smaller, young penguins are best for cooking. My friend who works with the Australian Antrarctic Division used to like them but then was forced by his girlfriend to see a movie about them. As the movie had no explosions he’s hated penguins ever since. After his next trip I think a population survey will see a considerable reduction in penguin numbers.


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