HEADLINE – Obama ate a dog


 I take full responsibility and credit for this rumor./ 



That dog had it coming, man.



5 Responses to “HEADLINE – Obama ate a dog”

  1. Great work, was it you who started the one that The President wasn’t an American citizen?


  2. paulboylan Says:

    Yes! I am especially proud of that one.


  3. Very brave, Paul. Have you seen the size of Mrs Obama’s feet? Pick on her hubby, and you’re in line for a major ass-kicking.


  4. Did have it with Satay sauce? ‘Cos in Bahasa that’d be ‘sate anjing.’
    I knew doing a few years of that language would pay off. That and the whole prepping for invasion thing. Funnily enough that’s about all I remember of Bahasa, how to order satay pets.


  5. Dino not to be confused with Says:

    Yes. The best satay I had was in Central Sumatra(yep on my own with a pith helmut).
    Little pieces(not 1 inch shish kebab cubes) about half an inch round.
    Probably puppy. Who cares it tasted great. I would have it again in an instant but the little old lady who ran the cart is probably gone.
    I loved her.


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