Who has two thumbs and wants to free Syria?

This guy.


Click on photo to enlarge. This guy is really intent on freeing Syria.


7 Responses to “Who has two thumbs and wants to free Syria?”

  1. He seems very serious about feeing Syria.

    Are those Oreos he is eating?


  2. paulboylan Says:

    Yes. He appears to be eating Oreos. And drinking Coca Cola.

    High levels of blood sugar are essential to the cause of freedom. Ask any revolutionary.


  3. dflinthart Says:

    You are in error. He doesn’t want to free Syria. Clearly, he is OFFERING “Free Syria” to anyone who wants some.

    Apparently, there isn’t a great deal of interest, though. And I’m not surprised. Even expensive Syria tastes like doo-doo. The free stuff must be just about poisonous.


  4. Libertina Says:

    What evidence do you have that he has 2 thumbs?


  5. paulboylan Says:

    It’s just an expression – which, in and of itself, is pretty funny.


  6. Maybe there is some interest, Dirk. The pictured bloke is sitting at the computer next to the one with the Free Syria sign, and has his arm draped over the empty chair. Perhaps the empty chair was vacated by a potential Syrian dictator?


  7. You’re all wrong. He’s just an I.T guy trying to sort out a software issue. The guy who usually sits there is out getting a proper ‘Free Libya’ sign made by the guys who worked up the Kony merch.


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