This lady is speaking against the adoption of an “equal treatment” ordinance.



  1. Greybeard Says:

    “This is deranged behaviour”. Yes. Yes it is. Judas was a “Homo” eh?

  2. paulboylan Says:

    Yes. Apparently Judas was a poof. Who knew? It sure does explain a lot, though.

  3. DrBunker Says:

    And this is why America rules the world. I was a gay lefty before I heard that. Not anymore.

  4. Oh man, that was hilarious. The guy sitting behind her was gold, too.

  5. Greybeard Says:

    Hilarious but also a little scary. I’ll bet she votes (after sterilising the lever in case she catches The Gay). Imagine what her interpretation of Christianity would lead her to support?

  6. True, Kemosabi, but in order to vote don’t you first have to be at least ten years old and know your home address?

  7. Greybeard Says:

    Who you calling Kemosabi (qui no sabe = who knows nothing = clueless)? Security! I found a spy!

  8. ivabigun Says:


  9. Greybeard Says:

    First, thanks for pointing out that the poor woman is indeed mentally ill. No longer funny.
    Second, it’s rather sad that her comments were, individually, no more hate-filled or homophobic than similar rants from the supposedly sane.
    Third, WELCOME BACK YURI_NAHL. I’ve missed ya man.

  10. Most kind of you Comrade.! I was on prongs of dilemma trying to decide if politicians in general have to be insane just to be qualified for office. I mean , have you read some of the manure these candidates spew?!
    This woman’s comments have a childlike quality when viewed in the light of her relative’s disclosures.
    Mary Whitehouse seems more like a grownup to fight against! When she was alive , that is.

  11. Ironically, this lady’s detractors think that it is acceptable to display their own psychophobia, but not acceptable for her to voice her homophobia. Double standards, much?

  12. She’s not mentally ill, she’s just exceedingly narrow ;doesn’t question the strange things she’s been told, and uptight. “A fuck and a green apple would killl them” famous words of Chris, some guy I knew in 1983. Noone has bettered his observation of those types.
    Yuri -Nahl! Hadn’t heard of you in an age.

  13. @michy12: her family says she’s schizophrenic. They’d probably know, poor bastards.

    Also, I am stealing that green apple quote.

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