Last night in a taxi on our way back from dinner, my wife said to me:

“You know those guys who are charming when they are intoxicated?  That isn’t you.”

I will wait a day or so before I ask what exactly I did or said that I don’t remember.  I hope it wasn’t any ethnic slurs.



  1. I’m sure you were fine at dinner, Paul.


  2. ZING. Ouch. Give her this look for a few days.


  3. I don’t know any guy who is charming when intoxicated.


  4. “I hope it wasn’t any ethnic slurs.” well except for the French.


  5. paulboylan Says:

    Joanna – If my wife decided to comment on it, I am fairly confident I did or said something cringeworthy.

    Moko – Indeed.

    Cat – Very untrue. I know some authors who become more charming the drunker they get.

    Michael – You’re not that far off. I discussed it with my wife and she tells me that during our dinner I ridiculed the amount of hair gel our sommelier used. Although I don’t remember doing that, I do remember her excellent service and lovely smile. I also recall that she studied in France and spoke a fair amount of French. Needless to say, although I regret poking fun at her spiky hair and regret more not remembering doing it, I am nevertheless relieved I didn’t shout insults at someone in a wheelchair, which would have been much, much worse.


  6. Bondiboy66 Says:

    Hmm…if you substituted ‘charming’ for ‘gibbering idiot’ then that would describe me perfectly. And I don’t get any better when I’m pissed (drunk that is for those north of the equator).


  7. Dino not to be confused with Says:

    Shit Paul.
    Fuck man you are, well, you know.
    Listen carefully.
    Nothing happened.
    OK, nothin happened.
    It’s a transitional power women have.
    Work with that OK.
    Remember and mantra this nothing happened.


  8. I do hear that you’re bringing your good Lady wife with you when you next visit our fair shores.

    We’ll show her! She’ll be fucking amazed at how erudite and alluring us antipodeans can be after out thirteenth pint of guinness.


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