Well, maybe not explained, but certainly illustrated:



6 Responses to “AMERICA EXPLAINED”

  1. This reminds me of the website an absolute laugh (especially if you ignore the lame explanation) – just laugh and wonder WTF was going on there…


  2. Dino not to be confused with Says:

    Soon as I’ve hit Macao, bashed the shit out of A.M, had some smoked baby eels and a massage i’ll be on my way and I’ll show those bro’s how to really ‘spend’ a Friday night.


  3. Well illustrated I might add…


  4. paulboylan Says:

    The guy sleeping through it all is most illustrative, and possibly the central point.


  5. I thought the white dartboard was more eloquently illustrative than the sleeper.


  6. Must be one of JB’s old share houses.


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