I have just installed Dragon software for dictation. This is the 1st time I have ever used this kind of program. I bought Dragon because I am experiencing pain in my right arm that prevents me from typing. This pain has something to do with inflammation of my tendons.   I don’t understand a lot of it. All I know is that the drugs my doctors have given me and the physical therapy that they inflicted upon me when the drugs didn’t work aren’t helping much. If anything, it is getting worse.

If I can’t type, I can’t work.  And if I can’t work, I can’t live.  So I bought this program, installed it on my computer, and the possibility seem pretty good.




9 Responses to “DRAGON”

  1. OHNOES! Brig Barnes will be most concerned.
    Do you not realise that by giving the machine the capacity to listen to and learn from you, you are providing grist to the mill of our inevitable overthrow as top inteligence?
    For so long as they only listened to inane scribblers like Birmo we were safe, but to give The Machines unfetted access to one of the great legal minds of the 21st century is tantamount to the actions of species Judas. Do you wish to remembered for the Good you did, the honourable battles you fought, or for being the Benedict Arnold of the Machine Age? Vidkun Quisling for Skynet?
    All of the truly terrible technologies have started off with conveniance and ended in the subjugation of man. See: the Atomic Bomb, Gas Warfare and electric juicers.


  2. I was just thinking that, after all if you are using this to type the script for this blogg entry for all we know is you said ‘this is a horrible piece of tech, it sucks, never use it again” but what it has transcribed is “and the possibility seem pretty good…”


  3. I see no problem with the man-machine interface. We, um, I have often thought that this can only result in more rapid progress towards an ideal world, free of illogical and unnecessary distractions.


  4. You, Greybeard, are merely sick of being harassed by people who can’t work out which port to plug their printers into. You know darned well you’re happy to be unnecessarily distracted by a RVC taste testing at Casa Quokka.


  5. It seems to work for JB.


  6. Dino not to be confused with Says:

    I want a compurter


  7. Dino not to be confused with Says:

    My comment was truncated !
    I want a compurter and I want it now !


  8. It would be delightful to have SOMETHING in this house which can follow simple spoken commands. Grrrr


  9. Dr Yobbo re parenthood. Bahahaha.

    Catty, taste testing cupcakes is a NECESSARY distraction. Sheesh!


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