Scared to Death

If you have any doubts about how awful it must be to live in North Korea, take a look at the photograph posted below.  It shows the current absolute Stalinist leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, posing with a North Korean family.


They clearly cannot contain their terror.




8 Responses to “Scared to Death”

  1. Good reason to be scared, I doubt they’re still alive.


  2. WOW, what a photo.


  3. Blimey, and that was *after* the photographer shouted out “Smile!”.

    Where’s that taken from?


  4. Bunker – Kim Jong Un’s photographer doesn’t yell “smile” before snapping a photo. He yells “express your undying love for your absolute leader for life!!” Not the same.

    Moko – I suspect this was the best of the bunch. I would love to see the others in the set.

    Therbs – I agree that they are probably dead. All of them except the youngest child, who was sold to a good family that is childless.


  5. I imagined it was more like “this is the image that your remaining family will have to remember you by so smile. Please.”

    I’d still love to know the source…


  6. Melvina Hawkins Patterson Says:

    It’s a shame when you can’t honestly and really feel happy around an individual in a photo. I bet none of them are related, and its all a beautiful front. Who can honestly look overjoyed around a tyrant like that. Without feeling like your life and others might be at stake. He must think he is god, but whatever the reason. God giveth, and will take away. We need to always keep that in mind, and stop trying to walk in his shoes.


  7. I agree: the photo is fabricated to be used as propaganda. What is horribly funny is the lack of skill or care in staging the photo. The North Korean kleptocracy elite are so secure in their near-absolute power that they don’t care if those people look terrified. They may actually like the photo better because those people look terrified.

    God didn’t give Kim Jong Un this power. His grandfather gave it to him by using the military to craft the system that allows this horror to continue. And God won’t take that power away any time soon because the Chinese and the United States prefer North Korea to be this way rather than deal with the mess that would result if the North Korean government was replaced or collapsed.

    God help us all.


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