Miserable in Paradise 5



  1. bondiboy66 Says:

    You ok there big feller?


  2. No worries, mate. Lori and I are in Ashland, Oregon – which, as you can see from the photo, is an incredibly pleasant place. Lori took a photo identical to the one I posted, but without me sitting there. The photo was idyllic – with pink tree flower petals sprinkled everywhere like little bits of candy. I thought a photo of me sitting with my head in my hands, clearly miserable in such beautiful surroundings, would be hella funny – visually “taking the piss” so to speak.

    So yes, I think I am okay.


  3. “Lori took a photo identical to the one I posted, but without me sitting there” oh thank goodness I saw that photo on facebook and thought it was some quantum cat in the box craziness.

    Hope you are enjoying Ashland.


  4. paulboylan Says:

    Loved Ashland. We stayed there going to and coming from Corvallis, where the young man is now attending University (first classes today).

    Enjoy your son’s company and presence while you can, Michael. It is a bitter-sweet thing when they leave for Uni.


  5. paulboylan Says:

    I just checked with Lori re: “saw it on Facebook/quantum cat in the box craziness.” Hahahahahaha!!! Way funny – and the bonus of a Schroedinger reference. All of my encounters with the educated antipodean mind act only to reinforce my sense of isolation.


  6. All of my encounters with the educated antipodean mind

    Rushes in to bring down the mean.


  7. Anonymous Says:

    No doubt. However, even though those I encounter via Cheeseburger Gothic provide me with an undoubtedly skewed sample, our mean is meaner than your mean. For example, both AUS and US have bogans, but I assure you, you have fewer than we do, and yours stand a better chance of being more educated than ours and a much better chance of not having a mind warped by 20th Century pseudo Christian idiocy. And yours aren’t armed with numerous automatic assault rifles. All of that, in the aggregate, becomes meaningful.


  8. Perhaps this realisation is at the root of your apparent existential angst in this photograph.

    See you thought you were taking the piss but really, this is performance art.


  9. “it’s home, but it’s full of bogans.”


  10. Anonymous Says:

    M – Performance art? Most definitely. But I think Brother Havock more accurately described my modest efforts as “quixotic theatre of the FKN mind performed tangentially to his audience’s expectation…”

    B – Aint it the truth.


  11. Educated Antipodean mind? What the fuck is antipodean? Huh? You being some sort of smart arse are ya mate?


  12. Yeah. What’s wrong with podeans? And why are you against them? Next you’ll be deriding philistines…. oh.


  13. You don’t know the half of it. Just north out of town is the E E Wilson Game Management Area. A place of peace and tranquility for the preservation of Game Management.
    For instance the HR Manager who was game enough to hire a woman in a account manager role, rests comfortably. The manager who rejected a consultant’s report which recommended Right-Sizing and offshoring can be seen in the tall timber. In summary The E E Wilson area supports those who led in brave innovative management.


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