It has been a very long time since I’ve contributed to this blog (more on that later). But I’ve returned because I simply must let the world know that the new Superman remake, Man of Steel, is an awful movie.  Despite some extremely good moments, it is, taken as a whole, a terrible film.

More on this later.





24 Responses to “FILM REVIEW – MAN OF STEEL”

  1. Dana Lynn Says:

    This movie is terrible do not waste your money. Just a terrible Superman movie. Henry is so bland and isn’t Superman suppossed to have blue eyes. I just thought it was awful. Why does America not feel like America? Is it because people remake the classics and have no respect for the original concept of the characters. Again, one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Don’t spend your money on this garbage especially if you always loved Superman.


  2. Ed Barrano Says:

    I wouldn’t watch this horrible movie if you gave it to me for free. I feel like Superman has been tainted by this movie.


  3. Mike Atkinson Says:

    Very disappointed and it doesn’t matter how much money people claim it has made. I doubt anyone will pay to see it twice.


  4. Ed Barrano Says:

    I was surprised people didn’t get up and walk out.


  5. Koury Pepin Says:

    Really crappy Superman movie.


  6. Joe Bob Wayne Says:



  7. Rick Mcdick Says:

    Man of toilet paper is more like it. Worst Superman movie I have ever seen. I was always a fan but this movie was so so bad. How disappointing!!!!! It is really really bad.


  8. Gary Sudak Says:

    Even if you have nothing better to do DON’T GO SEE THIS B&LLSH&T!!!!! This isn’t a Supean movie!


  9. Jonathon Parish Says:

    What was with Superman whining about parental issues. WTF, Superman doesn’t have time for that. Someone really ruined this movie.


  10. Andy Yorman Says:

    Yep Superman is officially a wus! Bad movie!I


  11. Superman with mental health issues! Frickin Ridiculous !!!


  12. The New World Order Superman = Lame


  13. I haven’t seen it yet. I was excited when I saw a new post by you prof. Looking forward to your take on MoS. I read a couple of positive reviews and an interesting one by the writer of Superman: Birthright who liked much of the film (he had to since it included some of the pieces from his own work), but for him there was a point where it rage-broke him.

    Here is his take


  14. paulboylan Says:

    To the Bunch above Barnesm: Welcome Ebochdave. In many ways it is very comforting not to be alone in this.

    Barnesm: Yep, I’m back, but it feels a bit weird. Bogging has a rhythm that, when you stop, it is a bit difficult to get back to what often amounts to a loveless exercise – despite the thousands upon thousands that seem to find their way to read what you have to say.

    It won’t be the same. Due to my persistent handicap I cannot type for the hours and hours it once took to say what I once was driven to say the way I wanted to say it. I don’t think that will be happening again.

    But there is still fun to be poked at many, many convenient targets.

    My take on MOS will probably be provided in the form of mock screen play scenes. For example, I started to laugh when the ghost of Jor-El unveiled the Superman costume. Kal-El (Clark) was raised in Kansas – the reddest of the red states and the heart of the Bible Belt. I feel the need to write the scene to show what probably really happened after Jor-El went all Liberace on his son.


  15. I am looking forward to your take on the movie, and wish there was some less painful way for your thoughts to appear on the screen for the rest of us to enjoy.


  16. Are those all real people above Barnesm? Or did you just REALLY want to say how crap it was PNB?


  17. What on earth is up Mr Boylan? It sounds terrible.

    Both your situation and Man of Steel, that is.


  18. Bogging has a rhythm that,


    A truly dedicated blogger would use the pain as inspiration.


  19. Bondiboy66 Says:

    Good to see you are back PB…not so good to hear of your ‘persistent handicap’ though.


  20. How good to see you online again, Prof. Boylan. Thank you for the heads-up about MoS. I will know in advance not to bother stealing it via bit torrent.

    In all seriousness, though, what is this disability of which you speak? I’m guessing someone hid kryptonite in your computer, and it made you weak. Because, like, you’re really Superman aren’t you? And that’s why you hated the movie. I’m right, aren’t I? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anybody.


  21. Well, Cat, the awful truth is that I am not Superman, even though there was a time I felt indestructible and preternaturally strong.

    Time removes such romantic narcissistic notions. I suffer from a chronic and untreatable tendonitis in both arms that make it very difficult to type. I had it when my family visited Down Under last October/November. It became so bad I was forced to minimize my typing, and that included my blogging activities. It affected every aspect of my life. If I cannot type, I cannot communicate, and if I cannot communicate, I cannot work, and if I cannot work, everything falls apart.

    it is much better now. I’ve learned to manage the pain enough so that I can do this now. It will never be the same again, but it could have been much, much worse. I am grateful for what I have.


  22. You may not be THE Superman, Professor, but you’ll always be a super man to us.


  23. Yeah – we love ya.


  24. paulboylan Says:

    That’s only because I am rarely around. If I were, you would grow weary of my high pitched, nasally laugh.


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