Stupid, evil, or both?  You decide.

If this vid had a laugh track it would be a hilarious skit on the Daily Show.

But it isn’t a joke.  It happened, and proves that, not only is the reporter conducting the interview biased, but also that she is abysmally stupid, sticking to the script long after it would have been apparent to three year old that the script wasn’t working.

And it shows that the reporter came into that interview looking for a fight. She was there to champion uneducated bigots.

The most embarrassing interview of all time. It is painful watching it unfold.  It is the absolute lowest moment of something pretending to be journalism I’ve ever witnessed.



My wife just came into my office and said, about the awful interview above:

“I get it.  The reporter doesn’t understand the difference between intellectual argument and religious or political rhetoric.”

That is, of course, absolutely true.  And it is a truth that is both terrible and horrifying.







3 Responses to “FAIR AND BALANCED?”

  1. This scholar has the patience of a saint. Not sure if that’s a christian saint or a muslim saint, or perhaps a historian.

    I really hate the ‘others have said’ argument as a way of attacking someone.

    What constantly suprises me about some fundamentalist christians in the USA is how little they actually know about their religion.

    Well by this arguement can we expect Fox news to stop having people that aren’t women talking about issues involving women.


  2. Oh, I came here looking to find how you’d improved the temperament & dexterity of your donkey-like steed.


  3. Just when you think they can’t get stupider, they prove you wrong.


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