My work often takes me to the Capitol Building in Sacramento – the seat of state government in California.  I was there the other day researching the path of  very troubling legislation that almost repealed the California Public Records Act. The legislation was withdrawn, but I represent a small group of news media outlets who are curious to know how and why it happened.

But that isn’t why I am posting today.  After my meetings I decided to visit with my favorite State Senator on the 6th floor.  As I was walking down the hallway I saw this graphic:


Capitol BDSM


I am not sure it is a good idea to even point this out.




  1. almost repealed the California Public Records Act… look I am sure if the government thought you needed those records then they would let you have them surely an agreement between gentlemen you don’t need legislation to ensure they do the right thing.

    The graphic reminds me of a Doctor Who Episode where he was being carried away from his nemesis prison strapped in just such a trolley and whilst being driven down stairs loudly declared “WORSE RESCUE EVER”.

    Are you sure the graphic above didn’t bear a big red strikethough?

    I want to see the icon for No waterboarding.


  2. paulboylan Says:

    The government knows best what I need to know.

    I believe the icon is instructional.


  3. Bondiboy66 Says:

    Is that sign accompanied by another pointing folks towards a lift perhaps?


  4. How to transport Dr Lecter 😉


  5. This is what happened to the last person who came in there, asking difficult questions.

    (Good one, Bangarr!)


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