The boy who has talked to us said, ‘We were bored.”

The boy who has talked to us said, ‘We were bored and didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody,'” say police about the brutal murder of a collegiate baseball player in Oklahoma.

I feel the need to apologize for this.   I am more than horrified; I am ashamed.  I know so many people who are afraid to come and visit my country.  They think Americans are armed sociopaths.  They fear that, if they walk our streets – my streets – that someone could be watching them, could plot and carry out their murder.

Exactly what happened to Christopher Lane.

His father said “To try to understand it is a short way to insanity.”

I wish I didn’t understand it.  I wish what happened to Christopher is so unthinkable that one would risk insanity to contemplate it.  But I know those young murderers.  I understand them and why they decided to kill another human being to alleviate their boredom.  I think they are everywhere around me.  I know what created them – the poor parenting, the negligent and intentionally substandard schooling.  I know a culture of violence, a culture that discourages empathy and sympathy – the very qualities that make premeditated murder unlikely. I know that the fifteen year old boy who killed  Christopher used a gun, and if that boy did not have a gun, Christopher would be alive.

I don’t know what to say other than that I am sorry for all of this and horrified that I am helpless to do anything to fix what is broken.









8 Responses to “The boy who has talked to us said, ‘We were bored.””

  1. I’m also ashamed, simply to be of the same species. But we laughed at your Republican fringe, anti-science, anti-women, anti-anything postdating the dark ages politicians yet, on the whole, you didn’t elect them. We OTOH are about to elect a back-to-the-50s pack of Tea Party wannabes. They will crush the poor and middle classes – who are the very people who are about to elect them. “Climate change is crap”, women are 2nd rate humans who should be ogled but not heard, our NBN will be crippled to please Murdoch and continue the viability of his cable and old media empire. They have won the public by inspiring fear and racism and a sense of entitlement we can never support.

    Truly I think we are a failed experiment of nature. Like the fruit flies that breed in a bottle until they die in their own crap, we’ve proved incapable of restraint and will keep making the same mistakes until it kills us and takes most of the other species on the planet with us. I would not say this to my daughter – whose child is an utter joy and delight to me – but I fear very much for that child’s future. She’ll be 18 in 2031. What kind of hellish world will she inherit? Sometimes i wish there was a hell, so that Murdoch, the Koch bros and all their ilk could burn in it.


  2. Welcome to the party, mate.


  3. My heart goes out to the families of the boy killed, their grief must be inconsolable I can not imagine the horror it must be to lose a son. My heart also goes to families of those boys who committed this horrible act. Their pain and suffering will be unending. If these murderers remain callous and indifferent then they will never have an opportunity to move on or be released from this hell, if these murderers do change and find their humanity then they will have to live with this feeling of desolation and remorse for the rest of their lives.

    As a society we can always do better. How these murderers are now treated will say much about your own countries future.

    In circumstances such as these the desire for blood, for righteous vengeance can make monsters of the best of us. then I contrast how the UK treated the child killers of James Bulger and the way Norway dealt with Silje Redergard.


    As America’s own President Abraham Lincoln asked Every day we must struggle to call upon the better angels of our nature.


  4. Good point about James Bulger, Barnesm. James’s killers were bored kids, younger than Chris’s killers, and they didn’t have guns. No, the Prof. need not feel ashamed of America. We should all feel ashamed of the whole world.

    Greybeard makes a good point about the LNP we are about to elect, but doesn’t mention that they will be replacing a government who has wiped social support for tens of thousands of single mothers and disabled Australians; has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of desperate refugees; has encouraged an economy that has led to major retailers, banks and energy suppliers posting record profits while hundreds of thousands of families’ mortgages are foreclosed; has signed off on deals that led to thousands of mining and manufacturing jobs being taken off Australians and handed to overseas workers; has implemented several failed schemes that have led to deaths as well as billions of taxpayer dollars wasted; has faced several scandals as members of their party (including the PM) are implicated in fraud – but has resolutely refused to deal with the situation in-party, instead demanding that the LNP sack their members for making dirty jokes on the internet; has threatened the media with restrictions for reporting on those frauds; has broken the law when attempting to implement policies – but when told their policy was illegal, they merely attempted to change the law; has turned a surplus into record national debt despite being in the midst of a mining boom; and has an election campaign that pretty much boils down to “Vote for us, because the other guy is …gasp… Catholic!”

    In other words, we’re up the proverbial creek without a paddle no matter who we vote for.

    There is a tiny spark of hope amongst all the election doom and gloom, though. The Catholic we’re supposed to be afraid of has promised to tighten the gun laws his predecessor introduced, which may just save a life or two. RIP Christopher.


  5. All good points Catty. We face a choice between two evils and a hard time picking the lesser. NZ? Mars? Beam me up Scotty?


  6. Greybeard, I fear that Mars is not far enough.


  7. I’d give a trite ‘society is to blame’ comment but can’t. The kids involved simply aren’t evolved humans. I doubt they can grow into something better but the opportunity needs to be given.
    Paul – this crap could happen anywhere. Random violence isn’t confined to America.


  8. I know that. But it seems to happen here more, and when it does it is more often deadly because of the proliferation of guns.


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