11 Responses to “HEADLINE – DEAD DOG FOUND”

  1. Yup. It was a slow day in the newsroom when suddenly – a dead dog. Stop the presses!


  2. Yes. My exact thought.

    Did you know that they brew an IPA in North Carolina that they call the “Greybeard”?

    On Fri, Nov 7, 2014 at 9:11 PM, PEOPLE OF EARTH: ATTENTION wrote:



  3. Oh if you come out here you’ve got to try my son-in-law’s IPAs. His favourite brewing.


  4. Okay, here’s the deal: when I next visit Melbourne (the city of my secret spirit) we will sample your son-in-law’s IPA – but Adrian (Bangarr) will be there, too.


  5. “Dead, I didn’t even know it was in jail”


  6. I appreciate the invite 😉


  7. The dog’s body was found near the tracks. They didn’t say whether it was the right side or the wrong side. Very sloppy reporting.
    Was the dog a mean dog, like a junkyard dog, maybe even meaner than a junkyard dog? Once again, poor reporting.


  8. Are you familiar with the economists phrase “Dead Cat Bounce” ? like that, but not much.
    Also I would be tres circumspect about drinking anything supplied, endorsed or vaguely related to His Wrinklyness. One careless sip & you may find yourself, like Him, wandering the blowing sands of eternity telling stories that go nowhere.


  9. A risk I’m more than willing to take. See The Princess Bride for why.


  10. Yeah, that’d be right. Just leave me out of the party and all invitations.

    I’ll be OK, I really will.

    *sobs uncontrollably*


  11. Sibeen I’m sure something can be “arranged”, also have AoT 2.2 and 2.3 for you


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