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Angel is a Centerfold: Remembering Terri Nunn

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The odds are none of you reading this know who Terry Nunn is – or was.

 Terry was the lead singer for the 1980’s band Berlin.


Berlin – with Terri – made some amazing music.


Terry and I attended the same high school  in Santa Monica in the mid 1970’s – a good time and a good place to be a teenager.  Terri and I were not close, but we were tangentially connected through others (Robert Benson, Aaron Salter, etc.).  I did not know her well, but I always felt she seemed troubled in a way I could never really grasp or define.  In all honesty, I admired Terri from afar in the way a teenaged boy admires the object of his hopeless desire – an object, a goal, that can never be achieved.

I graduated high school in 1976.   In 1979 the clockwork movement of the Universe put me in a convenience store where I saw a copy of the February 1977 edition of Penthouse magazine:


 Inside I saw Terri.


Does she walk? Does she talk?
Does she come complete?
My homeroom homeroom angel
Always pulled me from my seat.  

She was pure like snowflakes. No one could ever stain

The memory of my angel
Could never cause me pain.

Years go by –  I’m lookin’ through a girly magazine
And there’s my homeroom angel on the pages in-between.

My blood runs cold
My memory has just been sold
My angel is the centerfold
Angel is the centerfold

Slipped me notes under the desk
While I was thinkin’ about her dress
I was shy I turned away
Before she caught my eyeI was shakin’ in my shoes
Whenever she flashed those baby-blues
Something had a hold on me
When angel passed close by.

 Those soft and fuzzy sweaters

Too magical to touch

Too see her in that magazine

Is really just too much.

It’s okay, I understand
This ain’t no never-never land
I hope that when this issue’s gone
I’ll see you when your clothes are on

Take you car,

Yes we will
We’ll take your car and drive it
We’ll take it to a motel room
And take ’em off in private

A part of me has just been ripped
The pages from my mind are stripped
Oh no, I can’t deny it
Oh yea, I guess I gotta buy it…

My blood runs cold
My memory has just been sold
My angel is the centerfold
Angel is the centerfold



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zombie shoe laces


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A cultural misunderstanding

MUNCIE, Indiana – Officials at Scotland Yard revealed that the two men who allegedly “enslaved” three women were from India and Tanzania and that the incident is the result of a cultural misunderstanding.

“They thought they had legally purchased these women,” explained Sgt. Nigel Himpple of Scotland Yard.

“We were cheated. We want our money back.” said one of the suspects identified currently as “Bruce” due to privacy considerations. “How were we to know women cannot be bought and sold freely? What kind of madhouse is this, where women are treated like men?  Do you also give rights to your goats? Do you let them vote? Do you actually pay them for their labor?” Bruce asked in disgust.

“It is very common in many parts of the world for men to acquire women through marriage or direct purchase – there really is very little difference – and put them to work,” said Professor Rhappee Kanasta, an expert in cultural differences.  “In exchange for their honest labor they are clothed, fed and they are not beaten.  It is a win-win arrangement.”


Win-win copy


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So I am sitting on the couch in my family room watching my son watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when I comment on the recent news articles revealing that former POTUS George Herbert Walker Bush is an accomplished painter with a penchant for painting himself in the nude.


Opening Of New U.S. Embassy


“You mean he stood there looking at himself in a mirror?” My son asked.

“Yes, I suppose he did,” I responded.

After a short silence my son opined:

“Well, that makes sense.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Okay, let’s say you are a former conservative Republican President who likes to paint nudes,” my son says.

“Okay,” I respond. “let’s say that.”

“Well, then your possibilities are limited,” my son concludes.

“How so?” I ask.

“Have you seen Barbara Bush?” my son asks.

“His wife?”






“Oh,” I said, granting the point.



I found out later that it is was recently revealed that it is George Bush the Younger (the one who started two long wars but didn’t pay for them and very nearly brought down the global economy), not George Bush the Elder (the one who scoffed at his critics’ complaints that he lacked foresight by referring to it as “that vision thing”) who painted and presumably still paints himself nude.

I didn’t inform my son of my error.  I value any exercise in critical thinking and, based on even invalid data his conclusion was admirable.

And it is very likely that the younger Bush paints himself nude because his daddy did it, too, and the younger Bush is competing with him artistically.

The following photo is of a painting obtained by hackers of the younger Bush’s painting efforts. It is a bit creepy because it is clearly derived from a photograph, which means George has a collaborator who takes pictures of him in the nude:




The elder Bush was a better president (he fought Gulf War I, neutralized Saddam Hussein without creating a quagmire the US could not exit from).  The odds are the elder Bush is a better painter.



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The medium is the message.



“The cows are all liars!!” yelled Farmer Brown when he heard the news.



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Mitt Romney recently appeared on Univision – a Spanish language television station – in an attempt to appeal to latino voters. hPeople noticed something differentsabout how Romney looked before the Univision appearance and during.  See if you notice any difference:

Romney on September 16, 2012:


Romney on September 17, 2012:



Romney on September 18, 2012:



Romney on September 19, 2012, appearing on Univision:



I think Romney was drawing inspiration from former Mexican President Vincente Fox.




“Mi pene es este ancho.”

The person who convinced Romney to rock the soul patch has a lot to answer for.


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Well, maybe not explained, but certainly illustrated:



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