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Door of Reconcilliation 12

Yesterday I flew to Los Angeles for a hearing downtown.  After that, I met my nephew, Patrick, at Chaya on Flower Street for an early dinner. I spent the night in a hotel, and now I am killing time waiting for my flight back home.

When I kill time in Los Angeles, I do it driving, and when that happens I inevitably end up in Santa Monica.


santa monicaThis morning I stopped at Fromin’s Deli on Wilshire, my favorite deli in Los Angeles (sorry Canter’s and Art’s) for a smoked whitefish and lox bagel and a cup of good coffee.

A little nosh.

A little nosh.

I felt at home and at peace, foregoing my cell phone to look at the people around me.  Very old people, meeting in groups of friends, sitting with family. Very young children, filling the air with high-pitched staccato sounds that only very young children can make, totally ignored by the other customers and lost in the white noise murmur of many people talking.  I watched the staff greeting regular patrons and leading them to the table or booth of their choice.  I sat for a very long time watching and listening, with no one rushing me or bothering me other than to quietly refill my coffee cup.  I breathed a deep, deep sigh and left.

I drove west on Wilshire with no destination in mind.  On impulse I turned left on 26th Street, driving north, turning left on Montana Avenue to drive west down the hill.  I drove slowly, no one around me in a hurry, every driver polite, stopping so old people, young people, new families with their infants, couples and singles out for a stroll, could cross the street in safety.

Montana Avenue

I looked for places familiar to me, most of which were gone, replaced by a sparkling explosion of shops, restaurants and cafe’s, all crowded, with those waiting outside for a table talking and laughing, often with paper cups of coffee in hand. Not the same as it was, but not bad either. Not bad at all.

And around it all, on every corner, along every street, in front of every apartment complex and every home I saw plants and trees, as if the entire city was an enormous garden.  I suddenly remembered walking those same streets as a teenager intoxicated from the scent of night blooming flowers, of jasmine and natal plum.


Night Stroll, Santa Monica

Montana ends at Ocean Avenue. I turned left, traveling south along Palisades Park, a long, thin, beautiful place at the edge of the sudden bluff overlooking the Pacific.

Palisades Park 1

Palisades Park 2

Palisades Park 3I saw people, so many people, running, strolling, jogging, lifting weights, performing group exercises. Old people, young people, black people, white people, Latino people, asian people, gay people, rich people, poor people – all enjoying a beautiful, beautiful early Saturday afternoon. Together.

I turned left on Santa Monica Blvd., driving up to 20th, turning left, then up to Montana again. And here I sit in the quite of the Santa Monica Library, Montana Branch, typing this.  Because I had to.

My office in Santa Monica.

My office in Santa Monica.

This is my home.  This is my America.  Not the America of racism and hate.  Not the America that wants to preserve the right of employers and landlords to openly discriminate against LGBT people.  Not the America that is certain our President was born in Kenya. Not the America that wants everyone armed, even crazy people.



I know that America.  I’ve been there.  I’ve witnessed the dark madness that is spreading outward from the American Heartland. I’ve seen the anger and fear.  I’ve seen the itchy trigger fingers waiting for an excuse to use a high powered automatic weapon to kill someone, not for protection – which is a legitimate concern – but for sport, disguised as the desire to live free.

Freedom to Murder Guns


To them – those lost Christians who have forgotten the love, acceptance and nonjudgmental forgiveness that Jesus taught, replacing it with hate, fear and mindless dogma that they can barely understand but wrap themselves within nevertheless – the happiness and peace I see here in Santa Monica is wrong, is evil, and must be replaced with inequality, racial segregation, legal discrimination, social stratification that engenders a desperate labor pool, sickness and ignorance (in Texas, Bill Nye (the Science Guy) was booed when he told an audience that the moon didn’t make any light, that all of the light we see from the moon is reflected sunlight.  They booed him for disagreeing with their ignorant fantasy and for telling them a truth they didn’t want to hear. If you understand why they didn’t want to hear it you will understand the dark madness that is eating away at the heart and soul of my country).


Bill Nye – truth telling science asshole.

But this is my home. This is my America. That other America is a foreign, ugly nightmare I will not accept. All around me, right here, is the America I am fighting for.  It is the America I want everyone to join. Everyone.  I want an America where more and more – not less and less – people can enjoy what I see around me in good health and long life with the goal of having everyone join. Everyone.  I realize it is probably impossible to achieve, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?

Well, that’t it. Time to pack up my little office, give my table space to some retired old man and his wife so they can read the newspaper together.

I’ve got a couple more hours to kill.  Maybe I’ll drive up Pico to the Apple Pan for a hickory burger and a piece of pie.


Apple Pan hickory burger yum

Apple Pan a la mode YUM

Yep.  That is exactly what I am going to do.

I love LA.

I Love LA

. . . .



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Stupid, evil, or both?  You decide.

If this vid had a laugh track it would be a hilarious skit on the Daily Show.

But it isn’t a joke.  It happened, and proves that, not only is the reporter conducting the interview biased, but also that she is abysmally stupid, sticking to the script long after it would have been apparent to three year old that the script wasn’t working.

And it shows that the reporter came into that interview looking for a fight. She was there to champion uneducated bigots.

The most embarrassing interview of all time. It is painful watching it unfold.  It is the absolute lowest moment of something pretending to be journalism I’ve ever witnessed.


My wife just came into my office and said, about the awful interview above:

“I get it.  The reporter doesn’t understand the difference between intellectual argument and religious or political rhetoric.”

That is, of course, absolutely true.  And it is a truth that is both terrible and horrifying.







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buried with flowers

NEWARK – Anthropologists have uncovered a 12,000 year old grave from an ancient Mafia “hit.”

“Twelve thousand years ago two bodies were dumped into a grave, a bouquet of flowers were tossed on top of them, and then the grave was filled with dirt,” said Dr. Edwina Motel, Director of the New Jersey Institute of Archeological Anthropology. “This is the oldest example of a contract killing thus far discovered,” Motel said.

“We got no comment,” said Joe Pamplionani, spokesperson for the Pamplionani crime family. “Look, it happened a long time ago. Who knows what happened? Could have been an accident,” Pamplionani said.


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Trip “Trip” Tripperson-Johnson

Prof. Trip “Trip” Tripperson-Johnson

By Prof. Trip “Trip” Tripperson-Johnson

The recent massacre of schoolchildren by an insane gunwielding lunatic has shocked the world. People everywhere are wondering what to do. They asked themselves if there is anything they actually can do.

Before people go off half cocked and do something they will regret – and I am talking about passing laws that violate every American’s God-given right to possess and use firearms – I ask that everyone step back and look at this rationally. There is no need to take guns away from anyone to solve this problem. There is a simple solution to what happened in Connecticut, a solution that does not require repressive and unconstitutional gun control legislation on either the state or the federal level.

1st, let us focus on the problem. The problem is not guns. Guns don’t kill schoolchildren. People with guns kill schoolchildren. We need to focus on who it was who killed those children in Connecticut. Let me just say right out: it was a nut case that killed those kids. A lunatic. 6 pounds of crazy in a 5 pound bag.

The average red-blooded American gun owner is not crazy.  He or she (probably he) is a responsible, God-fearing Republican who would never take a gun into a school and shoot anyone, except perhaps if his or her (probably his) constitutional rights to bear arms was threatened.

The point is we all agree that crazy people should not have guns. But we also agree that it’s impossible to keep guns out of the hands of crazy people. To insist that any kind of “standards” would infringe on the rights of responsible, God-fearing Republican Americans to buy, own and use guns.

The solution, as I said, is simple. If we want to stop lunatics from taking guns into schools and killing a lot of kids, then we should make sure that every American schoolchild is armed.

If those children in that school had been packing heat – and had been trained in the use of those firearms – that lunatic would’ve gotten off maybe 5 rounds before one of those deadeye tots took them out.

This solution works for everybody. Increased gun sales pumps money into the economy. Possessing firearms will improve the self-esteem of any child, especially little girls.

So instead of using this horrible massacre of schoolchildren as an excuse to pass liberal, socialist, communist laws to restrict the constitutional right to bear arms, let’s sell the problem and uphold the Constitution by passing laws that allow us – heck, require us – to arm our children.


Trip Tripperson-Johnson  is an adjunct professor of  Biblical Studies and Infomercial Science at Cal Poly Needles in California. He is the author of the acclaimed essay “ Why Slavery was Good for Black People” published in the Elders of Zion Law Journal.


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MUNCIE – After declaring China the “main enemy” of the United States and promising to start a trade war if elected, Mitt Romney announced plans to ask  Chinese nationals to contribute money to his campaign.



“I don’t see anything inconsistent or hypocritical about this at all,” Romney said as he attempted to open a window in his private jet flying to Hong Kong to attend a fund raising dinner. “Darned thing is broken,” Romney complained when he failed to find a handle to “roll down” the jet window.



“When Mitt was in charge of Bain Capital, he oversaw the export of thousands and thousands of American jobs to China,” said Romney Spokesman Trip Whiteman. “The least they can do is toss some cash at him in repayment,” Whiteman added.



“I love the Chinese,” Romney said. “They are all the right height.  And their workers are grateful for their jobs, they don’t have health insurance, it is very, very difficult to escape poverty, and they like me – which is what I want for America,” Romney concluded.




He has a vision.


A Flagrant Violation of Copyright

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In the original, didn’t the idealistic good guys all die in the end?



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The Blue Church of God is much more forgiving.




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