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HEADLINE – Strict security in place for birth of Beyoncé’s baby

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MUNCIE, Indiana – Beyonce’s delivery of baby Blue Ivy was not some haphazardly thrown together ordeal — it was an elaborate plan involving a big security force.

The hospital held a meeting leading up to the delivery to discuss a security plan for the birth. The meeting between execs and security was held Friday afternoon and strict security was in place almost immediately, preparing for Beyonce’s late night delivery.

The goal – i.e., keeping Beyonce’s baby from killing and eating anyone or escaping the specially prepared cell by teleporting out into an unsuspecting world – succeeded admirably.





WEBSITE OF THE WEEK – Goths in Trees

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I don’t have the words to go beyond what you will see and read when you click on the following link: 


HEADLINE – Jesus returns, punches Bieber

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MUNCIE, Indiana – In what is being described as a Christmas miracle, Jesus Christ returned from the dead, punched pop star Justin Bieber in the face, and then vanished.

“Bieber’s version of Little Drummer Boy made Jesus really angry,” said Jesus spokesman, Pope Benedict, in Rome.



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