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Who has two thumbs and wants to free Syria?

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This guy.


Click on photo to enlarge. This guy is really intent on freeing Syria.


HEADLINE – Qaddafi Taunts NATO

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TRIPOLI – Libyan state television carried brief audio tape remarks it said were by Muammar Qaddafi in which he taunted NATO.

 “What kind of a name is NATO? It sounds totally gay.  NATO is the gayest treaty organization in the world,” said the man on the audio tape, whose voice sounded like Qaddafi’s.

 “NATO?  How about GAY-TO?” he said, adding “Hey, NATO!  I has sex with your mother last night. And your sister. They were terrible. But you would know that, wouldn’t you?”

 Government spokesman Mussa Ibrahim said Qaddafi was unharmed and in Tripoli, leading the country and in good spirits.



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