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FEELING STUPID AND NOT ENJOYING IT (not even a little bit)

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Okay, peeps, so here I am, perusing  the news on the Internets, and I come across this headline:



Yep. That’s right:  “Prudent Structures Should Help Washington Muni Transport Deal.”

WTF does that mean? I have no idea, and that bothers me.

It bothers me because I fancy myself a Master of the Universe.  Because I am.  Seriously.  I am one of the most informed people on earth, and I use information to project power.  And I do that every day, casually, and I do it well.

But I have no idea what this headline means. None whatsoever.

Is it some kind of joke?  If it was a joke, I would laugh.  I would laugh and laugh and laugh, and then go drink French champaign with my wife (as is our custom and habit) at the end of the day to celebrate another day of economic security.

But it isn’t a joke. I can feel it. Somewhere, there is some other even more powerful Master of the Universe who read that headline and said: “Really? Well, that is a relief.”  And I have no idea why it would be a relief. I have no idea what any of it means at all.

And that bothers me.


Headline – Newt Gingrich surges

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I certainly hope he cleans up after himself.



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